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Rapé Blend Piaroa “Warrior” Peregrina Yopo from Venezuela, bottle 5 G

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We’re introducing the very unique and special Rapé blend Piaroa Yopo without Mapacho tobacco!

This mixture is made from the seeds of the Peregrina Yopo tree and from crushed shells of a giant snail from the Venezuelan Amazon. No Mapacho was used at all.

Rapé is prepared by first crushing the contents of Yopo seeds and seed hulls, adding water and creating a paste. This paste is then dried by the fire in clay pots. Once dry, it’s ground into a very fine powder and combined with finely crushed snail shells.

This rapé is used just like any other rapé, but it has slightly different effects because it does not contain tobacco. It is not pungent, its effect is rather “expanding”, “emotional”. You can feel a deeper connection with yourself, with the cells of your body, with the wise intelligence that is hidden within you. Use rapé with a question or request and the “spirit of rapé” can bring you a clear and clean answer, maybe in words, maybe also in pictures or other forms …

Piaroa tribe
The Piaroa Indians are a native tribe that lives in the Amazon rainforest near the Orinoco River in Venezuela. They are considered one of the most peaceful communities because they have almost no violence. These peaceful and almost idyllic communities keep themselves at peace regardless of the chaos around them. They prefer mutual cooperation, they have been taught since childhood to participate in creating a common good. This allows them to live coherently and work together, instead of individual members of the community competing against each other.

The people of the Piaroa perceive high value in personal responsibility, in informal social life and in peaceful interpersonal relationships. They support the individual’s right to make responsible choices about how they live, and never make decisions about others regarding their work, food, sexual habits, or residence.

The people of the Piaroa believe that competition in society leads to “spiritual cannibalism”. He feels that the struggle for earthly resources and power is turning Mother Earth into an international commodity, and this is one of the main reasons why there is violence between people. He believes that politicians and governments should relinquish power and control over the resources provided by Mother Nature.


glass bottle with 5 grams of prepared rapé blend

Country of origin

Venezuela, Piaroa tribe, Orinoco region

Conscious use – ritual

Rapé is a sacred Amazonian instrument, and the indigenous tribes pass it on to us with this message: “The use of rapé should always be associated with prayer or ritual and accepted or given in respect and humility, it will be very helpful if a clear intention is added. The effects and realization of the plan will thus be intensified.”



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