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Mapacho – the “Grandfather Tobacco” Detailed Guide

There is no tobacco like Tobacco… Nicotiana rustica and Nicotiana tabacum, powerful plant allies

Beautiful day, dear friends of plants,

in the next article, we will focus on a plant that is called the official scientific Latin name Nicotiana rustica, in English Aztec tobacco (other name: strong tobacco, Native American tobacco). This plant is usually called Mapacho, in medical circles it is often also called the “Grandfather of Tobacco“.

Mapacho varieties

We will also talk about how it differs from another type of tobacco, which has the botanical name Nicotiana tabacum.

Both types of tobacco are very strong “plant allies”, I’m so glad they came into my life a few years ago. What would I do without them now? Where would I be without them? It’s hard to say…

Three “shamans” in particular introduced me to the secrets of this medicine (although they don’t call themselves that way). I know they don’t want their names mentioned on the internet, but I need to at least mention and greet them like that. One is a Czech, with whom I spent many discovery nights with Ayahuasca medicine here in the Czech Republic, it gave me so much that I went to see his Ecuadorian teacher from the Shuar tribe directly to Ecuador. The Shuars have high regard for tobacco, and they open and close every day with tobacco, accompany it through every ceremony, sniffing mainly in the nose. During my trip to Ecuador, I visited another “shaman” – a healer from the Kichwa tribe, who liked to put tobacco in our eyes…

For a while, I naively thought that I knew “everything” about tobacco use, that I knew its main forms, but during my visit to Colombia at the end of 2020, I reconsidered this view because I was offered a Colombian specialty there, namely tobacco paste Ambil…

Mapacho rolls

Tobacco in Pachamama herbs

Tobacco is a very special plant

If I were given the task of packing for a trip around the world, and I had to choose only one medicine, I would definitely choose Mapacho.

Or I would fly to Peru or another Amazon country first, buy at least one roll of tobacco there, and then travel with it…

Tobacco Mapacho replaces the entire pharmacy, it is a very versatile and useful plant. Like any medicinal plant, Mapacho has its own specifics, and most importantly, we need to know how to handle it in order to serve us in accordance with our intention. When used “incorrectly”, its energy can be more aggravating than healing.

Through Ladírna.cz, we have been sharing this plant for some time, and quite often we encounter various questions, such as:


I received Mapacho from you today. I wanted to try it right away, but the more I searched the internet, the more confused I was. Some people write that they smoke it like cigarettes, others that they are very strong and just inhale their smoke. Can I ask you for advice on how best to use Mapacho?

Thank you


For Radka and for you, whatever your name is, there is this article where I want to explain, if possible, everything I learned on my journey with tobacco.

How and why to use Mapacho?

Mapacho (Nicotiana rustica) is a very versatile medicine, it has multiple uses. But first I would like to share a few of my thoughts…

Dévas of plants, Déva of Tobacco

If you met any “true shaman” and stayed with him for a while, maybe sooner or later he would start telling you wonderful stories about plant spirits and how to connect with them. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend reading a book by an excellent experienced anthropologist and “shaman” from Germany, his name is Wolf-Dieter Storl. I would probably be the first to recommend Angels, Devas and Nature Spirits.

Wolf Dieter Storl: Angels, devas and spirits of plants

Each plant has its “guardian spirit”, “deva”, protector, angel, archangel, we can imagine it as we wish, in each tradition they call these beings differently. It is possible to establish communication with them, sometimes they appear in inner visions in various forms, or, in a good mood, it can happen that they appear around us in the form of certain signs or animals…

Every “plant spirit” has its competencies, possibilities and limits.

Deva Mapacha is a very strong ally, that brings us a completely unique teaching. His quality, his medicine, for us humans, is pure male direct energy, sometimes quite uncompromising. Deva Mapacha “doesn’t mess with it.” He can slap you and caress you with sincere grandfather wisdom and love at the same time. This quality is often needed in our lives, whether we have a male or female body.

Let’s first look symbolically at what life might look like when it lacks the essence of Mapacho?

Men without the „Spirit of Tobacco“

A man knows he is a man, but as soon as a woman shows up, he is unsure. He would like to have a life partner for a full-fledged relationship in the full quality of the word, but he still cannot find the right one with whom to form a full-fledged partnership. He probably jumps from one relationship to another, he sees the development with each other partner, but it is never the “right” one. Every woman is missing something somewhere that he finds important, and at the same time there is something that constantly hurts him… He often feels like a rag doll, and it often happens that everyone who walks around slams into it. It hurts and he is constantly tense somewhere deep, but he can’t do anything about it. He feels badly injured, he is like a boy who fell while riding a bike, but he has no one to wash his wound and to whom he could cry on his shoulders.

Perhaps he lacks the spirit of Mapacho, the essence of male straightforward power, clarity and deep wisdom and pure experience.

Women without the „Spirit of Tobacco“

Similarly, women when they “miss Mapacho.” They are tossed about in their emotional world, spinning like a handkerchief thrown into a stream but at the same time they would like to be carried in a beautiful handbag which is placed on a passenger seat in the beautiful car of their Prince. Or they would like to gallop with the wind on a beautiful white horse, next to a black stallion, on which their dream counterpart flies in the same direction.

They have finally accepted with the fact that these are just dreams and fantasies, and the reality will probably never be like that. If they have a partner, the man may be sitting in a pub with questionable companions, or he’ll be paying for a lousy salary from morning to night, and still never come up with a budget, they live from day to day, from paycheck to paycheck, and there is something stupidly. But she doesn’t know what to do with it. They don’t see a solution, they don’t know anyone who can help them with it.

Tobacco Mapacho may be appropriate medicine?

Picture „Mapacho Elohim“, 100×100 cm, February 2020

Neither tobacco nor nicotine causes disease

In our “advanced” modern society, we are exposed to so many different influences and conflicting information from all sides that it is almost impossible to maintain insight, well-being and harmony. From all sides, we are attacked by advertisements, reports of everything possible and impossible, half-truths or obvious nonsense so vehemently tormented by all, starting with parents, teachers and friends, that there is perhaps no escape from that. A lie repeated a hundred times thus becomes a cruel truth…

Smoking kills. Nicotine kills and causes cancer. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is harmful to health… Do you agree with me, dear reader?

I invite you to take a deeper insight under the surface of things

When two do the same thing, it’s never the same thing. One can smoke like a factory for years while still being healthy and another avoids tobacco and yet is sick. Or maybe that’s the reason why he’s sick?

My opinion is that what really causes diseases, whatever, always, without exception, are not even “germs”, viruses or bacteria, cancer or other diseases are not caused by smoking itself, these are just visible phenomena on which it is possible to blame. But as we go further, beneath the surface of things, if we are able to see “shamanically” or “healingly” even beneath the surface of bodies, in every sick person it is clearly “visible” the accumulated stress somewhere in the body, or we can say “negative energy”.

Illness is always caused by detachment from the universal laws of Love.

A sick person does something against himself, against his self-renewing power, which is in all living things, even in us. If a person disturbs the life-giving balance, the longer he does it, the more and more somewhere in the body something deviates from the ideal health.

And so tension is formed in the body, stress begins to manifest in the body. At first it’s like a barely perceptible “coating” somewhere in the body, such as the abdomen, heart, head… At first it is relatively easy to “dissolve”, “lighten”, “send away”… Usually, however, a person is more affected at the same time and more insensitive to himself, he is in some respects like blind to himself, he does not have a proper view and so he is not aware that something is happening in him, that something is swelling in him, that stress is increasing, and so he does not deal with it for a long time. On the contrary, he is likely to find a method to suppress his energy block. It is good to use alcohol, cigarettes, food, especially sweet or fatty food… And so there is more and more disconnection. Stress seems to thicken and darken. The energy brothel settles in the cells, in the intestines, in the body, then prevents more and more proper functioning in life, it can gradually begin to manifest itself as any disease.

How to get out of it? How to effectively cleanse your body, how to get rid of long-term settled stress and energy blocks?

We are all different, we each have stress elsewhere and it looks different, so it is always necessary to proceed very individually. In general, what universally always and everyone should help is diet, detox, fasting… When was the last time you had a day about clean water, without food? Or three days without food? Or a week without food? Or did you manage even longer? Congratulations!

Well, and of course there is a lot of natural medicine available here, which, when given at the right time, well prepared and properly directed, can effectively help. Yes, “Grandfather Tobacco” is one of them. It is very effective, I dare say, to “supermedicine” for everyone, for (almost) every day.

I can also mention others, for example Kakao and Sananga are quite safe for the less experienced. And then of course we have plants like Ayahuasca and Iboga… Yes, but, do anything with them on your own responsibility and if you really know what you’re doing. If you are not sure, you better ask someone experienced or stop for a consultation or arrange a holistic therapy.

All right, that was a necessary “theoretical introduction,” I believe it wasn’t uninteresting. So let’s focus further on the main topic of why I’m actually writing it all here.

How to use Tobacco to serve us well?

Thanks for You, powerful plant of strength.Thank You the Mother Earth, for the gifts of Your Love.Thank You the Father of Heaven for Your blessing, which You send in the form of Tobacco, to the sacred plant of strength and clarity…

Please, Spirit of Tobacco, mighty Deva, be with me, protect me on all my other journeys, help me with what I have planned, may I live a joyful and happy life in a healthy body…

If you want to use the power of Tobacco to your advantage, if you finally want to look to heaven and not want to be stuck in hell alive, you must, really must, learn to pray with Tobacco. There is no other way. If you don’t do it, if you use Tobacco thoughtlessly, without a clear intention and clear direction, the Tobacco will help you anyway, but it will probably help you to all the devil… and it will giggle in your face and let you get pretty sick in mud of your darkness… Are you serious?

Tobacco prayers

I understand, in our predominantly atheist society, this can seem strange. Praying with Tobacco, praying to the Spirit of Tobacco?What does that weird guy named Chrisantem want from me?

Don’t worry, you can do it too. It will help you. The Spirit of Tobacco is ready to help you with everything you need, but it needs your free consent.

Okay, so how do I do that? How do I pray?

However, in your words, it is enough. Thank yourself, thank medicine, thank the people who got it to you, who took care of it, thank Mother Earth, Father Heaven, water, air, soil… and yourself for this precious moment. Ask for connection, ask for guidance, ask for help with what you need…

Tobacco Icaros

If you ever get to an Indian village or community (for example in the Amazon), you will probably be pleasantly surprised by how beautifully those who perform plant medicine ceremonies sing. Songs that are sung specifically for herbal medicine are usually called “Icaros”.

One traditional Latin proverb is: “Qui cantat, bis orat”, translated as “He who sings, prays twice.” Yes it’s right. The sung prayer is always stronger than just saying. He who “appears”, who “accepts” his own Ikaros, actually becomes a “shaman.” You can recognize a good “shaman”, among other things, by the fact that his singing is in tune with you…

Mapacho medicine Icaro…

In the language of the Shuar Indians, I don’t know how it should be written, so at least an approximate transliteration:

Karakamaná, tsantwi, ťahé, karakamanákú tsantwi ťashein

Ayawikjá tuki tuki, karamkarámu, tsantwi tashein

Nahakamaná, tsantwi tashain, Karamkarámu, tsantwi tashein

(I will add audio recordings later)

Chrisantem‘s Icaros

My beloved Tobacco in my nose

with your help I can easily make all the changes easily…

My beloved Tobacco, open all the gates

give me the wings of male power, open them across the Universe…

My beloved Tobacco, dripping you into my eyes

I see better than eagle, I finally do not grope…

You can find how to sing it here in this longer song at Soundcloud.

Grandfather Tobacco medicine is (2x)
The soul heals, the body cures
Grandfather Tobacco medicine is – is – is

((I will add audio recordings later)

1. Nasal infusion

  • Prepare a small bowl or glass (may be with a lid if you are traveling with prepared Tobacco)
  • Cut either a roll of 1-2 mm from the Mapacho roll or peel off a pair of top layers of leaves
  • Spread on the bottom of the bowl, grind the layers of Tobacco leaves so that there are no large pieces
  • Pour clean water so that all the leaves are barely submerged.
    • Should I pour cold or hot water? Cold water is usually used, but some people prefer hot (boiling) water. Macerate from cold and hot water tastes a little different, I recommend both variants and then continue to do the one that suits you better. When hot water is used, it is usually stronger, more pungent, “denser”.
  • • Squeeze the Tobacco leaves in the bowl well for a few minutes with a prayer in your mind, out loud or you can sing as you please, as you can. It is a very sacred moment, preparing medicine for you or your loved ones.Medicine absorbs your vibration, your energy.The more love and attention you pay to its preparation, the better and more harmoniously it will work.
  • You can let it stand for a while, at least 10-15 minutes, to make it “right”. Someone puts in the fridge overnight and enjoys it in the morning. I usually crease a lot and then I use it right away.
  • And then in the morning too.
  • When the water is brown, the Tobacco is ready.
  • Then prepare paper handkerchiefs or toilet paper, or a bowl or bucket for possible spitting.
  • Pray (yes, better again and again than not at all), sing a Tobacco song (Icaros), if you can.
  • Pour a few drops into a small “puddle” of brownish Tobacco macerate on the left palm. It is better to reach out your hand than to cringe. When you crouch your hand, a little tobacco usually flows out of the crevices between fingers. When you reach out relaxedly, a “pond” is created in the middle of the palm for Tobacco.
  • Prepare a tissue or a piece of toilet paper nearby (preferably right in your right hand)
  • … and here is the special moment. It is necessary to exhale as much air as possible from yourself, plug the right nostril with the right index finger, place the left nostril with the Tobacco “water” on the left palm, and then start inhaling and with that the hands and head rise, suck, “sniff” it into yourself.
  • When used in this way, the Tobacco can be felt immediately, usually leaks a little out of the nose, so use the handkerchief to wipe.
  • Tobacco immediately does its “job” in the nasal mucosa. It stings, it burns, it can run down to the mouth and throat, that’s fine. It cleans where it flows. It immediately releases tension, head, mind, connects, sometimes even directly “kicks” the body’s own self-healing processes in the body…
  • In order for the body to be in the balance, it is necessary to put during each “ceremony” in both nostrils, so after possible coughing, spitting, blowing your nose, Mapacho also follows the other body side, pour Tobacco “water” on your right hand, cover with your left hand nostril and you suck the Tobacco into the right nostril…
  • You let the body do what is needed – coughing, spitting, blowing your nose, relaxing, sighing, everything is fine.
  • You enjoy pleasant relaxation and peace and quiet. Usually it can be called a silent head, a deeper connection with yourself, with your Heart, with your body and its wise intelligence… You can sit or lie down how you feel, it’s up to you…

How and when to take Tobacco into the nose?

Whenever he calls you. Whenever you feel the need. It can easily be every day or several times a day, if it serves you. Don’t be afraid of Tobacco. If you follow my advice and always pray well, ask for a connection, for healing, it cannot hurt you, on the contrary, it can help you very much.

The spirit of Tobacco can sometimes say that he wants to come to you… How? You just clearly hear the voice “Tobacco, Tobacco… Mapacho medicine, I need it…”

Tobacco serves well as a prevention of all diseases, releases tension and blocked energy, which is stored mainly in the head, but through the head, of course, the nerve centers lead throughout the body. Tobacco relaxes and decently “kicks” the smooth muscles, ie all internal organs, so it controls for a while what you can’t normally control by your own will. But the Tobacco reaches there… Gently massages, caress, or it “slaps” you, if necessary… Sometimes even as if “shakes” your intestines, so after that sometimes it is necessary to release what it inside of your intestines. Thanks for the gifts of your medicine, Grandpa Tobacco…

Tobacco is an absolutely excellent medicine whenever you feel that”some illness is climbing on you”, I do not know better and faster help with such a “flu” or “rhyme”. When caught in time, the disease does not manifest itself, the Tobacco effectively stops it, flushes out of the body through phlegms and other body fluids what does not belong there.

2. Eye leachate

Preparation of Tobacco medicine into the eyes is the same as into the nose, cut a piece of leaves, crush, pour cold or hot water, crease and pray…

Application into the eyes is similar to dripping sananga into the eyes (see this article).

  • Prepare a comfortable place where you can lie down.
  • Pray to the Spirit of Mapacho, ask for the union of your spiritual ally. It may be a good time to ask for a specific message or a “revelation”, the Spirit of Mapacho or other allies can very easily show to the inner eye after application into the eyes…
  • You can play nice favorite music
  • Drop one drop into the closed eyes of a lying person, next to the nose. This is usually done by picking up a small roll of soaked Tobacco and squeezing a drop into your eyes.
  • Then just blink slightly, as if to open your eyes, and the Tobacco will start to bite quite visibly in your eyes. So it is necessary to manage it, relax, breathe, release all tension… and the body becomes stronger and healthier more and more…

It’s worth trying this method, at least once, if you have Mapacho, and then anytime next time, when the good spirit of Tobacco reminds you that now is the right time for this interesting self-healing ceremony / ritual.

Tobacco and sananga, when dripped into the eyes, increase the blood flow in your eyes. The eyes are, of course, a very important and extremely sensitive organ, a drop of these medicines will cause a huge shock, but it only takes a few minutes, and then the whole person feels very relaxed. With the intention and direction of attention, it is possible to let the power of medicine enter into specific topics of your life, such as relationships, finances, work and even sick eyes, of course. You can, after a drop in your eyes, imagine the best and most wonderful version of yourself, a healthy glowing body, a wealth-filled life… And then, when the brain already has this new health information, it can finally take place in “everyday life” so that the idea manifested fully. Because everything begins first as a thought, as a vision or image. What the brain cannot imagine it cannot happen.

Is it possible to get rid of glasses and restore health to the eyes?

Everything is possible. If you wear glasses and want to get rid of them, ie have a sharp and clear vision, it is possible, at least purely theoretically, with eye drops (Mapacho or sananga) to gradually return their strength and clarity to the eyes. We will discuss this interesting topic more in one of the other articles…

3. Smoking or honest treatment with Tobacco

Of course, Mapacho Tobacco leaves can also be used for smoking.

I am of the opinion that when you smoke, you smoke “properly”, ie “proper tobacco”, clean, healthy, with full attention and love for yourself. I know what I’m doing and I know why I’m doing it. Then it is not harmful to health, but a health-developing experience.

I’ll change a topic now, but it is to the point. I remembered such a Catholic joke.

One priest visited another one while he was praying the breviary *), and in surprise he says to him: “Do you pray the breviary and smoke while doing so?” “Well, yes, but I have permission from the bishop,” the respondent replies. He soon visits him again and tells him, “So I asked the bishop and he didn’t let me.” “And how did you ask?” “If I may smoke while I pray the breviary, and the bishop replied that it would be disrespectful.” “Then you asked the wrong thing.I asked if I could pray when I smoke, and the bishop told me that yes, that I would make good use of my time.”

*) breviary is a book from which a Catholic priest must pray every day, it contains selected passages from the Bible for each day of the year

Do you understand, what do I mean?

As I mentioned above that in my opinion smoking is not bad in itself and it certainly does not cause health problems. There is a huge difference when someone smokes quickly and thoughtlessly, even while walking and stressed, so he already has the stress that causes him illness, and whether he smokes or not, he will be (or already is) sick… Or when smoking tobacco becomes a sacred ritual, when you know you smoke and why you smoke, that is, when you smoke because you feel that you have accumulated stress, accumulated energy somewhere in your body, and you know where it is, you know why it is happening … Then you can create a self-healing procedure, a healing process, by sucking in tobacco smoke. Ask the powerful Deva of Tobacco to help you free up a specific place in your body (whatever). Then it happens. Or ask the Deva of Tobacco, with all humility, sincerely and from the heart, to help you with a concrete release of the tarnished situation in your life. Then it happens. It doesn’t matter if you are powerless in the physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, egoic, chakra or other body…

Energy holistic healing

However, treatment can be obtained in several ways. There are many techniques and ways of purely energetic healing. Known are, for example, Reiki energies, Reconnection, Pleiadian healing energies, energies of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels…

The simplest way of energy healing is through breath and intention. Inhale into the affected area with your breath, and exhale the tension with your exhale from there. And again and again… When you inhale through pure Tobacco, it can go faster because the body is directly affected by plant substances, especially nicotine.

The next step for more effective self-healing, so-called color healing:

  1. What color is the affected area now? Ask yourself this question, and you should be able to answer it somehow, the answer will come to you through “inner vision”. For example, red, light blue, dark to black… OK, fine. Step 1 is fulfilled. You know more about yourself, you have already taken the first step towards your recovery.
  2. What color should have the place now in order to be healthy, clean, relaxed and well functioning? Take a moment to get the answer… For example, yellow, gold, silver, white… OK, congratulations. You already know what you want, you know how to keep it in your body in a given place. What’s next?
  3. With a breath in, let a stream of colored light enter the affected area, it is most effective when the stream of light flows through two channels, the so-called pranic tube. One end is at the top of your head (Crown Chakra) and the main stream leads down through your whole body to the Root Chakra and with both feet to your fingertips. The other stream goes through your feet up, across the torso, around the spine to the top your head. Pay close attention to these energy flows (did you even know that you have them in your body?) And let them become a strong, light-colored highway. With a breath in, more and more colored light flows into you, filling the affected area.
  4. With an exhalation, let the unwanted color leave the affected area through the pranic tube from the body, to the top of the head and to the fingertips.
  5. And again, with a breath in of more and more light comes, with an exhalation the “bad color” leaves.
  6. You should be better and better with each such breath. If you can’t feel it, it’s time to buy Mapacho or Tobacco cigars

The main reason smoking can be dangerous is when you smoke regular commercial cigarettes and smoke thoughtlessly and under stress. Even with ordinary cigarettes you can do similar “magic” as with Mapacho Tobacco, but ordinary cigarettes, probably all, contain a huge amount of chemically created additives, because cigarette manufacturers add to tobacco for example chemical additives, various flame retardants, dyes, perfumes etc., and apparently these additional chemicals that are added to cigarettes, can make a decent mess in the body when the body is already weakened by stress. But nicotine alone is probably not harmful. Nicotine releases tension, which is the desired effect. When used in its pure natural form, it is not dangerous to the body.

How to smoke tobacco “healthy”?

  • You must have clean, dry Tobacco leaves. However, since the Tobacco in the roll is slightly damp in the middle, it must be dried first. It seems to me, however, that this loses a lot of Tobacco power.
  • I recommend making Mapacho macerate first and using it in the nose or eyes (according to the instructions above). It lasts up to a week when stored in the refrigerator, or two to three days at room temperature.
  • Used Tobacco leaves do not need to be thrown out of the extract, you can still use them for smoking in a pipe or in classic tobacco papers. When the Tobacco is completely used up or soaked for more than a week, remove the leaves from the bowl and spread them on a plate or tray and dry them. When it dries (it only takes a few hours), you can pack cigarettes or smoke them out of a pipe. Such Tobacco, once used, is still quite strong for smoking, it is definitely still stronger than any even the strongest pure strong tobacco that can be bought in regular or specialized stores.

Personally, when I smoke (which is quite rare) I smoke very consciously, slowly and sitting, never while walking or moving.

It is possible to retain smoke in for as long as possible, then it is a cleansing process, prayer, healing… Releases toxins and blocked energy in the body.

Before inhaling, if you can, you can ask the protective spirit of Tobacco to help relax – the more specifically you are able to define your intention, the more effectively it can work, together with you, in synergy, in a beautiful dance.

“With this breath in, I am reborn,” may be thought of inhaling Tobacco smoke.

Hold the smoke in how long you can do and let it work. At first it can be really powerful, you can cough, sometimes some tears will roll up.

“With this exhalation, bad negative energy leaves me. “

“I am different now than I was before. Thanks, Tobacco…. “

Repeat it and discover as you wish… where you will go together…

4. Cleaning of space by smoke

Just light a few leaves, place them on hot coals, in an incense burner, etc.… the space can be cleaned at the same time by exhaling when you smoke…

5. Tobacco brewed as tea = strong cleansing

This is a rather strong cleansing ceremony. Tobacco usually induces vomiting, detoxification and strong cleansing of accumulated brothel in the body, usually in the abdomen, almost everyone has it in a greater extent than small…

Such a nice question prompted me to finally write this article:

Hello, I wish you a nice day. Please, I still have a question about Mapacho medicine – would you have any similar instructions for me for making tea? I will be happy for any of your info. Thank you. Jacob

Hello Jacob, I’m glad the Tobacco works.

Basic instructions for making Tobacco tea:

  • Pre-diet at least 5 hours completely without food. Drink only water or max. herbal tea. The better and longer the diet in advance, the deeper the Tobacco can permeate and the deeper the trauma.
  • Cut 15-50 grams according to the required strength, put water in the pot (amount to about 15 grams 500 ml, per 50 grams up to 2 liters of water), boil until only 200 ml remains. The strength of the Tobacco is concentrated, most of the water evaporates. It can take a few tens of minutes or even a few hours. Give cooking as much attention as possible, pray properly, sing, ask all the saints for support and protection, yes, they will be needed… The liquid usually looks quite unattractive (it’s just a dark brown decoction smelling of tobacco)… You really don’t like the taste? Won’t you change your mind?
  • When you finish cooking, prepare a place, similar to an ayahuasca or iboga ceremony, ie a personal “altar”, a place to lie nearby, a bucket of vomiting (necessary!) A toilet or handkerchiefs, pleasant music…
  • When the Tobacco tea cools down and has a pleasantly moist temperature, strain the contents of the pot (do not throw away the leaves, you can still smoke them after drying – see above), pour your Tobacco medicine into a cup.
  • If you have everything ready and a bucket of vomiting on hand, pray once more nicely, ask for a nice experience… and boldly do it, drink the entire contents of the cup.
  • The taste is absolutely awful, so it is usually drunk at once. But it’s worth it.
  • The next 2-4 hours can be quite excruciating. It’s like a bowel brush, it can hurt, usually it’s good to just lie down and breathe deeply… hot or cold feelings alternate with euphoric states… interesting visions can appear, you should feel quite noticeably contact with the deep wisdom of the Tobacco being. It can appear to you in any form…
  • If it was really difficult and vomiting (or diarrhea) did not occur even after a few hours of suffering, I recommend having a bowl of liquid Tobacco on hand and sniffing it in your nose, or blow rapé, usually it is not pleasant, but sometimes you can vomit immediately and it’s much better then…
  • Gradually unpleasant states are weaker and weaker and there remains a deep connection with oneself and feelings as after rebirth.
  • It’s also very likely that you’ll have to be in the toilet for a while and you’ve got a lot of fun… um, how to say it politely, well, just diarrhea…

That’s probably the point. If you really decide on Tobacco tea, I wish you good luck!

How often to drink Tobacco tea? Well, you know, “he will call you”… Every other Tobacco tea is usually more and more pleasant (if you take care of yourself continuously). I’ve had about five of them so far, and I’m still alive … Or, am I finally alive?

Interestingly, this was written to me by a friend about his ceremony:

Hi Chrisantem,

I will describe some of my feelings and impressions from the consumption of Tobacco tea, as I am able to do so.

I went to something I didn’t know with confidence, but there were some worries and fears.

I estimated to cut about 15 g of Tobacco. I cooked for about an hour. During the preparation, I alternately sang to Tobacco, prayed or asked him for help, and at the same time I took care about fire and a comfortable sitting.

I planned to sit by the fire and take it there, but it was too busy in the side gardens and I had a weird feeling that my neighbors would see me vomit. So I moved to another slightly more hidden part. After the first sips, it seemed to me that I was getting a little hot, but surprisingly, singing helped me gradually manage the whole dose (around 0,1 liter). After a few minutes, a strong, spilled euphoric, perhaps even nirvana, feeling spread through me. I was part of nature, I was accepted by the Universe. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for being me. Powerful life energy. I moved according to my own. I can say that I was dancing and singing. After less than half an hour, it was interrupted as a neighbor walked by. My Nirvana was away. In about an hour, I actually vomited in the corner only the Tobacco tea I drank, and a little more water from before. I moved to the fire, where I meditated or just rested. I felt slightly intoxicated, but mostly tired.

I thought about how I let myself be scattered by my neighbor. I was very disturbed by the thought that I could have planned it better and, most importantly, not let myself be disturbed.

I vomited the remnants of stomach juices once more as I got up and stepped a little. Maybe I misunderstood you, I was waiting for an emptying from below (diarrhea), but it didn’t come.

It was very important for me to realize how dependent I was on what others might think, and about how I let myself to be influenced by that.

I have something new to receive and to work on.

The next day, Wayusa tea helped soothe my stomach.


6. Tobacco into the ears

It does not sting in the ears, it only helps to clean the inner ears, ear canals, etc. It is suitable to apply, preventively once in a while, or during the onset of the flu and colds. Preparation of the same water as into the nose or eyes (see above).

7. Tobacco on the skin

Extract from Tobacco, can be used, for example, purulent injuries, bruises, cuts, acts as a disinfectant and significantly accelerates the healing of wounds, can also be helpful in healing various rashes, eczema, etc. Repeat several times a day and see if it does well in the area. May be too strong for someone…

8. Tobacco in alcohol

If the Tobacco leaves are not soaked in water, but in alcohol (homemade plum brandy is excellent, then an effective “Tobacco drink” is created, or use vodka and it becomes a “Tobacco spirit”), let it stand for a few days, stir here and there, sing to your medicine and prepare thus very simply your own alcoholic “shamanic essence”.

What about that next? I bought tall glasses with a spray and so I have a “shaman’s perfume”, it can be used anywhere, similar to Tobacco on the skin, or you can spray it on the hair, armpits, spread on the body or even in the mouth… Tastes a little bit strong according to the amount of Tobacco, but perfectly present and certainly supports the defense, revitalizes, adds strength and clarity, connection with oneself and so on…

9. Rapé

Indians in Brazil make rapé from Mapacho Tobacco, the basic recipe is simple. Dry Tobacco is ground in a mortar to the finest possible powder, you can either use it anyway and you have a rapé called “puro”, ie pure Tobacco rapé, or you can add other plant ingredients, traditionally adding ashes from different trees. You can try adding cinnamon or cloves or even chilli into the Tobacco, for example, and you will have a fragrant spicy rapé. Or, with the consent of the spirit of the forest, take and burn branches or logs from some trees.

The skilful Thomas has been involved in the production of rapé from Czech trees for some time, as far as I know, he successfully prepares rapé with ash from beech, oak, linden, walnut, and certainly other trees and shrubs. Each ash gives its unique essence to rapé and each is different.

10. Tobacco paste Ambil (+ Chimu)

A specialty that I met during my trip to Colombia at the turn of 2020/2021. I didn’t see Mapacho Tobacco anywhere, but in several places I came across Nicotiana tabacum (Virginia tobacco), which can be used just like Mapacho, but it tastes a little different.

The Colombian specialty is tobacco paste, which is called Ambil. The tradition of tobacco is maintained, for example, by the Colombian Indians of the Huitoto tribe, together with powder from Mambe coca leaves, their main medicine. Tobacco is boiled during constant prayers and concentrated in pots on the fire for many hours, gradually it thickens and concentrates. Ambil is preparing for a specific group of people for a specific purpose. Vegetable salts or crystalline salts are also added to the tobacco, and then a so-called “Chimu” is formed.

A brownish-black sticky mass is formed, the concentrated power of tobacco. It is usually used by taking a small ball of Ambil, about the size of a pea, from a cup, with a stick or little finger, and then licking the finger in your mouth and letting it dissolve. Quite stings in the mouth, but helps immediately, in a moment you can feel the delicate tobacco armor all over your body…

Then it is possible to take a small teaspoon of coca powder.

Since I brought the Ambil and Mambe from Colombia, I will discuss about these medicines in a separate article very soon.


Although the article is quite extensive, it is clear to me that I may have forgotten something important. If you are interested in something more, write a question in the comments below, or you can write me a personal message, contacts are here.

Aho mitakuye oyasin


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Chrisantem Macháček … I am a person with a wide scope. I enjoy Ladirna.cz, I take photos, I write, I draw, I paint, I also do holistic and “shamanic” therapies, I teach Merkaba meditation etc.

16 thoughts on “Mapacho – the “Grandfather Tobacco” Detailed Guide

  1. Eternal gratitude for all the amazing info brother. Only one thing if I may. From what I know after starting an apprenticeship in healing with Ayahuasca and San Pedro in the Peruvian Amazon and from other sources, you should never inhale mapacho. All of the love, light, peace and joy your way!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Daylen.
      About inhaling of Mapacho, I’ve heard also that it’s not recommended. But, my way how I experience life and plants is don’t believe anybody, just because “it’s saying”, sometimes, I trust my own guidance and prove the words. There are a lot of different recommendations in the “shamanic world”, I’m sure you know…

      From my own experience, if you inhale Mapacho with clear and pure intention and if you feel connection of spirit of tobacco, it’s way how to relax very fast and deep. I can recommend but of course everybody needs to take his own responsability. If you do occasionally, I’m sure it can’t cause any bad things. But of course, you can do whenewer your own way 🙂

      Have a blessed time, aho Chrisantem

      1. Thank you for your reply and for your amazing spirit Chrisantem. Many different recommendations to say the least, love your sense of intuition and free spirit.

        With eternal gratitude,


  2. I have been working with Mapacho for a few years but he has recently come into my awareness much more powerfully and regularly.

    I want to thank you for writing this beautiful article and sharing your profound wisdom. It has helped me understand this path much more and provided clarity where I needed it most.

    Mahalo ??

  3. Hi Good article.
    I am wondering do you have to ferment the leaves first.
    I have grown my plants for several years now but never knew what to do with them.

    Except for using the plant as incence or use in ritual.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Michelle, no, you don’t need to ferment the leaves, you can use as they are, if you want to use in water. But if you ferment, they are much stronger. But I don’t know unfortunately the receipt how to do.

  4. Hi Chrisantem,

    I have dried Mapacho and been doing micro dosing with very good effects. I would like to do the tea ceremony and am wondering if I should boil down the cured mapacho or prepare the potion like you explained for eye drops?

    1. Hello, thanks for your message. For drinking a tea of Mapacho, in the Amazonian jungle you can receive quite a lot, tea from maybe 50 grams or more in one cup. But at your home, prepare as much strong as you feel it’s good for you. Can be maybe in the beginning 10-20 g and I suppose you will be satisfied.
      Have a nice journey. Chrisantem

  5. Thanks a lot,

    Will keep you updated on the ceremony and thanks for all the valuable information. Cooking down 20g of Mapacho now.

  6. Hi there! Loved the article, but a question, will you add to your shop Mambe? I love Mambe and Ambil together, hey are my heart medicine. But I couldn’t find Mambe in Europe at all.

    1. HI, I understand that you like mambe and ambil, but unfortunately I’m not able to buy and sell because it’s illegal. I tried to ship to Europe few times, but never received.
      You need to travel to Colombia or ask anybody who flight there.

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