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Sananga Eye Drops

 15.08 35.90 incl. VAT

We are grateful to offer you a powerful amazonian medicine Sananga in the form of the eyedrops


Sananga is a juice extracted from the roots of the Amazonian plant called Tabernaemontana undulata. It grows deep in the jungle. Members of the Huni Kuin tribe used to call it Mata Heins. The extract is prepared by cooking roots of the plant and the extract is used by the Huni Kuin, Katukina and other tribes for healing “Panemas” – the spiritual illnesses.

The active compound in the extract is ibogaine, a powerful substance which can help people to get into the contact with the spiritual world by inducing deep relaxation states . Traditionally, sananga drops are used in the same way as usual medicinal eye drops. Native hunters are drop sananga into their eyes for sharpening their vision during the hunt. With them, they can notice even subtle movements of surrounding animals in the rainforest.

Sananga works on two main energetical levels – physical and spiritual. Natives believe that the “Spirit of Sananga” is essentially an intelligence or an energy of the active compound of this powerful plant which works with the root cause of an illness.

Eyes are the window to the soul. All we see, all we imagine, our entire karmic history is “deposited” to our eyes. The spirit of Sananga searches for disharmonized energy patterns in our system, it dissipate forces creating Panemas. The usage of Sananga guides us to harmony of our Soul with the Spirit of nature, it expands the third eye vision and an internal ability to “see” (clarity).

The eye drops support deep cleansing of blocked energies on the emotional, physical and spiritual level. Sananga can balance or intensify our energies, find and harmonise the root causes of illnesses and blockages, which leads to complete harmony, an ability to focus and a peace of mind. Sananga also declacifies and activates the pineal gland.

Shamans describe Panemas as a conglomerate of lower energies present in the human energetic body. These energy blockages are created by the sedentary lifestyle, negative thinking and bad habits which don’t support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. These low energies are stored in body energy and cause sadness, depression and physical and mental stress. These conditions don’t allow us to enjoy harmony in relationships, succeed in our life and reach our full potential.

Sananga is untangling these conglomerates while dissolving their energetical charge. It feels like the body goes through a gentle shock. After the application, you can feel happiness, encouragement and the ability to achieve your desires.


Sananga is admistered while laying down. After receiving one drop into each eye, you will immediately start feeling burning in both eyes. Thich is normal and a good sigh. The pain will leave within a minute or two. It helps to focus on the breathing which helps to dissipate the lower and painful energy not only from your eyes but from all of your body.

Country of origin: Brazil

Package: 5 ml or 10 ml of 100% Sananga juice in a glass bottle with a drip cap

We are working on an extended article about Sananga and its benefits. Soon to be here



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