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Rapé Blend Nukini “7 Stars” (Siete Estrellas) from Brazil, bottle 5 g

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Amazing rapé blend, one of the best and strongest rape we’ve ever tasted.

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Xiti Nukini, the Rapé master of her Nukini tribe, has created a truly exquisite blend. One of the best and strongest rape we’ve ever tasted.

In addition to Nicotiana rustica tobacco, rapé offers a fine-tuned blend, fruity and fresh mint notes. The base of the rapé is made from a plant called Embuabinha (Cecropia lyratiloba), it is an herb with beautiful large silvery leaves, with deep cleansing properties on a spiritual level and relieves pain on a physical level, uplifts the spirit and is sometimes used as a natural analgesic.

Embaubinha has a very special aroma that is very different from other refreshing herbs used in other rapés. It gives beautiful fruity notes that will put a smile on your face.

In addition, the ash of the Tsunu tree (Platycyamus regnellii) is used.. The special energy where rapé works may be the throat chakra, instead of communication, but rather it is better to say that rapé is very versatile.

Rapé is very fragrant, pleasant and provides a rich powerful effect that you will feel where your body needs it most, you can also direct the effect of rapé with your intention.

Seven Stars = Pleiades

Rapé is called the Seven Stars (Siete Estrellas) because it takes you up to the stars. In this case, it also recalls the story of the seven sisters, the Pleiades, the mythical home of our ancestors. Indigenous people around the world tell stories of their ancestors coming from the stars and many stories are about people coming from the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. So this medicine is named in honor of this memory of our ancestors. We feel that communication works on many levels, physical level is just one of them. The silvery leaves of the Embuabinha reflect the moonlight at night, reminding us of the connection between the earth and the heavens. Whenever you blow the 7 Stars rape, you can meditate on where we came from and feel your lineage, both physical and spiritual.

This rapé 7 Stars can be used very universally in traditional medicine, for example to strengthen the immune system, it can act as a brain tonic and antidepressant, it helps with diabetes, respiratory problems, relieves colds and colds, when applied before bed it can help clarify dreams, it helps in the processes of mental and spiritual purification.


Intensity: Strong.

Proportion: Medium, balanced, slightly masculine.

Tribe: Made by the Nukini tribe.

Composition: Mapacho, Embuabinha (Cecropia lyratiloba), Tsunu ash and other Amazonian medicinal plants.

Enjoy with good intentions and prayer so that rapé brings you what you need.

Packaging: bottle with 5 g of prepared rapé blend

Tribe: Made by the Nukini tribe


A sample is also available for this rapé, you can find it here. All available rapé samples are here.

Country of origin: Brazil

This product is an ethnobotanical specimen.

It is not approved as a nutritional supplement, nutritive or a drug. We are not responsible for the damage caused by the irresponsible use.

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Nukini tribe

The Nukini have survived great adversities, such as epidemic fevers and the expansion of the rubber exploitation front. Throughout the first decades of the 20th century, they joined the rubber company and remained in the Môa River region until today.

After decades working as rubber extractors, the Nukini obtained official recognition of their lands in the late 1970s.

Due to contact with rubber tappers, small producers and riverside residents of the upper Juruá region, the Nukini incorporated many of their customs, but they retain their individuality, especially with regard to their social organization.

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