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Ayahuasca Detailed Guide II. – How to Perform a Home ceremony? (Diet, Intention, Site Preparation and the Course of the Ceremony)

This is a sequel to an article about Ayahuasca, my favorite plant companion … companion’s life.It is prepared from the Amazon plant Banisteriopsis Caapi and other herbs, I recommend starting with the first part, which is here:

Let’s continue with other important aspects.

How to prepare for the Ayahuasca ceremony?

1. If you feel that

First of all, you have to feel that this medicine is suitable for you. How do you know that?

You can feel her. “Something” draws you to her. Maybe you can’t explain it completely, especially at the beginning, for the first time – maybe you’re a little worried. You heard that people usually vomit. Will I vomit too? But a friend said about her that it was great and that I should go for it too… Do you dare? You got it? What will she reveal to you, show you how you get along? I do not know. You are unique, each ceremony is completely unique.

There are many aspects to the game. It’s nice to hear about it, to read something, to study, to watch some videos, I will mention Maestro Ayahuasca by Viliam Poltikovič.

Also this is a well made film – SPIRITUAL MOLECULUM documentary about DMT and groundbreaking scientific research:

There is much more to be found on YouTube, these two films are such a necessary minimum for a general idea… Are you still convinced that you want to experience something similar?


2. it is the right time…

Schedule the exact date of your first ceremony. I recommend ordering plants from Pachamama Herbs at least two to three weeks in advance (of course you can also from elsewhere, but I am not responsible for that). Banisteriopsis Caapi and eg Chacruna, or tobacco, wayusa. Depending on the current status, we send either immediately or as soon as possible… It is not possible to hurry. Sometimes it takes a week, two or exceptionally even three weeks… before the right package with plants comes from our Amazon suppliers and then to your home. They are described, so you can recognize them well.

And what about in the meantime? You can’t wait? Start preparing calmly now. How about to start? What to do if you don’t know what awaits you?

Well, ayahuasca and other “teacher’s plants” act as a completely unique mirror of yourself. The better you know yourself, the better your attention, energy, the less “work” the plants themselves will have in you. It’s mutual synergy, it’s like a common dance. Plants alone cannot do anything, you alone have all the power. You have all the omnipotent abundance, all the tools and possibilities available for a successful wealth, happiness, love overflowing life… You set the limits yourself.

3. clarify the intention, state…

In the time before the ceremony, it’s nice to go through yourself, your life, honestly ask the most thoughtful questions. You won’t fool yourself. You do it for yourself, you live for yourself, not for anyone else. You don’t live either for your partner, nor for your children, nor for your mother, nor for your boss, let alone for politicians or the President… They are all here for your enrichment, we enrich each other. Everybody with everybody. We shine on each other, we meet, we pass. Sometimes it’s an interesting sight, isn’t it? Shadows, darkness, sadness, grief… where to take strength? How to find a way out of the crazy world we live in?

You may have noticed for some time that you have a blocked, strangled energy somewhere inside you.How can this manifest itself?

In some part of your body you feel pain more often and repeatedly of various intensities, it can be after an injury, it can be a bad lifestyle, for example from a sedentary job, lack of exercise or conversely, excessive exertion and overload. Even all fats and obesity, as well as stinging, eczema, bumps, varicose veins, too cold or hot limbs, etc.… actually mean blocked energy from your ideal body. Also, if you literally “jerk” in some place of your body, or you feel an unpleasant tension somewhere, it means that the flow of energy pathways is interrupted at some level in that place.

There are various therapeutic methods to return to the best possible condition. If you feel that ayahuasca medicine is appropriate that can help you with any of this, boldly do it. With suitable preparation (diet) before and after the ceremony, you go towards this medicine. The cleaner your body is, the better you will be, the deeper the treatment you will provide and so the medicine will be able to penetrate further and deeper.

The great uniqueness, specificity, of Ayahuasca medicine, when it is “performed well,” is that it opens the connection with itself, releases blockages, opens energy “from the roots to the stars.” The “whole man” comes to life noticeably, he growls. The effect of medicine is often felt all over the body but somewhere in some place more noticeable, because there was a sensitive place. Usually in the abdomen, almost everyone there is someone who is a breber, some helps to live a consistent life, but otherwise they are bare parasites, pests, yeast – perhaps they feel that you are wearing some energy suckers, vampires, an alien entity and energy? Maybe you want to get some of it off, for good? Maybe vomiting will come, which is better than carry it all in yourself…

So, how are you now? Are you still looking forward to it? Are you feeling better and better? That you haven’t looked at yourself like that yet? And what about the turn of the cups of boiled medicine? Do you still dare to go it alone? It may be nice to talk to a girlfriend or boyfriend on a similar wave. Honestly and with vigor, you help each other, it’s better in two…

You can also contact me, talk over the phone or e-mail, we can have a joint preparation, or do a ceremony together, maybe for the first time, and then you can do it… I’ll explain what can’t be written here, because you’re a unique genius and you have it just different that this fact (doesn’t) go…

Nechám to na tobě. Přeji mnoho zdaru a těším se na sdílení! Pro mě je každá další a další ceremonie, ať už vlastní, nebo takto doprovázená, velkým naplněním. Vždy je co řešit, kam jít dál, i posté či stoprvé…

I’ll leave it up to you. I wish you good luck and I look forward to sharing! For me, each more and more ceremony, whether my own or accompanied in this way, is a great fulfillment. There is always something to solve, where to go next, even for the hundredth time or hundred first …

4. It’s coming… Let’s get to it. Diet. Diet! Diet?

There are many, many conflicting opinions about the “right” ayahuasca diet. Everyone who conducts ceremonies says something else. So how is it?

I am like that, I have a natural need to research and consciously break borders. During my “shamanic ayahuasca journey,” I must have deliberately violated everything that is being claimed and said that I should come up with everything myself, that…

The more honestly you approach the diet before and after the ceremony, the greater the effect the ceremony will have on you.

The usual recommendation is a week or two (someone says it’s only two or three days) to skip alcohol, other “drugs” (whether other natural or synthetic substances like LSD or MDMA…), marijuana, smoking standard cigarettes before and after the ceremony, pills, especially psychotropic drugs! Also garlic, onions, chilli, curry, meat, dairy products, chemically and industrially prepared or otherwise “heavy” meals… You can also find a “command” that no sex or self-masturbation is allowed in the diet.

So, maybe I definitely discouraged you. I won’t make it!I really can’t do that!A week without normal proper food?Not really.I have to eat three times a day, otherwise I’m hungry!

Well, as we Latinos say, de gustibus non est disputandum… we can freely translate it like “no disputant against taste”. It’s up to you. I repeat again that you are responsible for your life alone. What you put into yourself remains in you and continues to work in you. They are usually stored in the body to a greater or lesser extent, I call it “shit”. Set anything up. The biggest crap is long-term permanent “classic eating” like meat, milk, cheese, pastries, bread, cakes, desserts, candies, chocolate, potato chips… That you can’t be without it? That everyone does that? Well, it depends where you’re looking. Everyone on this planet never does anything the same.

If you are fat anywhere on your body, it means that you have long, usually long years to decades, stored strong, really strong, layers, what do you name it? Let’s say neutrally the “matter” that you always carry with you, on yourself, in yourself. Apparently it hurts here and there, you get the flu in the spring, you blow your nose in the fall and winter, and in the summer? You can’t help it in the sun so that you don’t burn your beautifully paid carefully manicured figure, which you mask with layers of more and more ballast… creams, ointments, pills, food… And sooner or later, glasses will certainly appear in your life (or already are) on crutches, gradually crutches, even a wheelchair, insulin, injections, surgeries, doctors studied, diagnoses, pills, and again doctors and pills, hospitals, and then retirement home with annoying roommate, who still swears that her daughter will not come to visit her… How to get out of it? Well, it’s easy, you dare to leave your body, forever. You will die. You’ve been dying, apparently for a long time. You believed, you had to die a slow and long death, like everyone around… But really everyone?

Is it possible to do it differently? Yes. It’s time to start doing something different. You really have to. It’s time to start. Your packs of herbs between bread and salami, bought for some strange astrological constellation, always laugh at you when you open the cupboard. You can’t look at it anymore… Looking at yourself every morning in the mirror, you decide that you will start doing something different with yourself tomorrow, but somehow it doesn’t work out on its own… What about it?

It’s time to set a clear date for your Ayahuasca ceremony. Circle it in your diary. Take a deep breath and go for it. We can do it together. It’s worth a try. Maybe there’s really something about it…

The “right” diet is just right

It is great a week before and after the ceremony to be on a 100% raw vegan food diet. It is fascinating how very soon, after one, two, three… days without a standard cooked food, the body begins to relax. Energy begins to harmonize, because a standard diet consumes a lot of life energy to digest cooked food. When you soften your diet or completely eliminate it for a few days, your body’s energies begin to harmonize and balance.

Any cooked diet, even if it’s healthy still has a lot of what the body can’t handle, a lot of toxins and poisons. The body needs to be constructively cleaned from time to time otherwise the body decays and ages more and more.

Raw vegan food, ie only and only and only fresh uncooked food (up to 42 ° C), is a living food and not a poison, contains a huge amount of fiber, enzymes and vitamins and the body decimated by the stress of civilization is wonderfully released and ” juices ”. I really recommend it. Buck up for the week before and the week after the ceremony. Or even longer. It’s worth it. Your body will repay you. You will know very probably unprecedented geysers of lightness of being, pleasant creative or perhaps even orgasmic-cosmic energy.

With a suitable diet, you will shorten the way “home”. The biggest shit in the body and especially in the intestines stored for a long time is starting to leave the body, and ayahuasca medicine will wonderfully support this condition in a wonderful way.

So, what “can you eat” if you want to listen to me…

Eat only fruits and vegetables in any quantity a week before the ceremony. It will fill you, satisfy you. If not, add nuts, cereals, they can be soaked, germinated, swell, maybe soaked buckwheat with raisins overnight, you know that? Have you ever tried it? A wonderful breakfast that satisfies… Gradually, the body can be taught that even a few apples a day is enough… It is great, if you have a juicer, to include fresh juices, in any composition. You can also drink clean water and you don’t even have to drink so much. If you eat enough fresh food, the body is usually sufficiently hydrated.

Let yourself be guided by your tastes, connect with the wise intelligence of your body, Innate is called. Ask yourself:

My body, my Innate, what’s the best thing for me to eat right now to have enough energy for the whole day?

Caress your tummy, listen to the beating of your heart and it will certainly light up in your head: two apples, one carrot, a handful of nuts, and ginger tea. Or, vegetable salad of tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers dripped with olive oil and marjoram…

Do you understand it? I believe so. Just eat as best as you can, bite properly, give yourself maximum attention before the ceremony. Maybe something is starting to happen, you made a huge energy to move, you tune yourself and you bloom…

Important! Diet on the day of the ceremony!

Usually, ceremonies are held overnight, because it is generally calmer everywhere, less noise around, the body is naturally in a dampened, dreamy mode… At what time do you want to start? It’s nice to plan it after about sunset, so it will be later in the summer, and even earlier in the winter. Seven, eight or nine o’clock – it’s up to you.

It is important, on the day of the ceremony, before drinking the cup itself, to leave at least 5 hours completely without food! On the day of the ceremony, drink only clean water, herbal teas, wayusa… green or black tea is not very suitable.

It is ideal not to eat anything at all on the day of the ceremony, to keep fasting all day about water and tea. Or even in the evening before, two whole days in advance – how much you can handle is up to you. If it’s too much for you, it’s okay to have a very light lunch, ideally a few pieces of pure fruit, such as bananas, apples or fresh fruit / vegetable juice.

Repeating and supplementing… to prepare medicine Ayahuasca

I dealt with how and what to cook Ayahuascu medicine from in the first article. Then I will not repeat it again. I’ll just add that it’s nice to plan it, for example, by cooking it a day or two in advance. Take it easy, play nice music or pull out a shaman’s drum resting there for a long time. Drum, sing, play, clear your space, play pleasant music and get to the Work, it’s a phenomenally fascinating and sacred “work”. Give your herbs as much attention as possible, they asked the Father of Heaven and Mother Earth for guidance and support.

It really works and you can do it.

Make your medicine as strong as you feel, as you want it to be thick or soft. If you want to give a stronger dose, so that you feel the conditions and its effect very noticeably, cook longer and concentrate more, the consistency should be like a thick sauce or syrup, if you intend for a softer ceremony, cook less, the resulting liquid should resemble rather soup. I believe that you can do it.

Congratulations, shaman!You are on a wonderful journey to a new flight of life!

So, your medicine is ready, cooked, it smells interesting. I’m a little scared, but once I’ve done it, I’ve managed to prepare like this, so it’s stupid to go back… What else is important, please?

5. Preparing space and things for the ceremony

The place where you are at home. It can be your room, apartment, house, cottage, or even somewhere outside in nature. Find out if this is a really good place. Will it probably be quiet all night? Would anyone mind if you made some slightly more unusual sounds than ever? Do you want to and can you make a fire there?

If you want to do your ceremony in nature, for example in your favorite place by the well, under your tree on the lookout… it’s nice to ask the spirits of the protectors of the place if your ceremony is welcome, supported and demanded in the place… Can you do it? Isn’t it? That you’ve never done it before, haven’t you? Does not matter. There is first time for everything. How to do it?

For example, sit there for a while and come up with an idea, a question, you can say out loud, you can sing a song… and expect an answer. It can only come as a feeling in you that yes, everything is fine. It can also be more specific. Why yes, why not, and where else or what to do to make it work… Believe it or not, but we are not the only living “creatures” in nature. Everything is alive and you can communicate with everything. It is Ayahuasca who can be the bridge, when you approach these, perhaps new, levels of your life with sincerity and your authentic desire for new knowledge, new encounters, as I have already written, from the roots to the stars… Or more precisely, you yourself, your wise and beautiful body, will become that bridge, your channels, your energy centers, will open, and you can experience, feel, and know more and more. It will no longer be blind faith, “I believe” comes from the head, from the mind, only when the sent intention becomes “I Know”, “I Live”, “I Am”, so… this Knowledge, this Wisdom, this Crystal Clear knowledge no one will ever take it from you. It springs from you, your Heart is connected to other parts of yourself. You do not let yourself be dragged away by unestablished, uncontrollable thoughts, chaos and depression, that is, by your head or by your stomach, or by your sexually inferior lower animal energy centers, but you are yourself, in firm and certain connection, you are a complete, whole, shining wonderful Being , in which it beats, sings, crunches, strokes, creates, lives, laughs, kisses, melts ecstatically…

So that all this can happen, you have a place where you feel good. Inside or outside.

What to prepare for the ceremony?

• Boiled medicine in a bottle or glass with a lid

• A blanket, tablecloth, etc. to create an “altar”, put everything in there nicely, wherever and how you like. Put crystals, your favorite objects, a photo of your loved ones there… also prepare:

• Candles, flashlight, or small lamp (nice is a red light)

• At least two liters of fresh water (for example harmonized in a carafe, from a well… if you have, the better, if not, you can handle from the tap…)

• Other herbs, it is great to have Mapacho tobacco, rapé, sananga, wayusa, smokers… these are proven and very supportive Amazon herbs

• A bucket for vomiting (if you are outside, you can do it without it)

• Toilet paper or plenty of paper napkins + trash bin or garbage bag

• Warm clothes or blanket, sleeping bag, mat, or tarpaulin to cover…

You can, but you don’t have to, there are no limits to your imagination, of course… For inspiration, what might be useful for you…

• Herbal essences (aromatherapy) in oil, if you have it and use it

• Flowers from the garden or from nature, a nice stone, a twig from a tree, a feather found on a walk in the woods… you put on the altar

• Musical instruments, songbook…

• Exercise books, papers, writing, drawing or painting supplies – maybe you will have the feeling and energy for that?

If you are outside, it is very pleasant to prepare a fire and a supply of wood. Well, fire has to be attached, but it’s worth the pleasant energy of the fire…

So, do you have everything? Did you forget anything at home? Hopefully not. And if so, you probably don’t need it… What about a cell phone, camera, computer? Well, the ceremony is yours. Do what you feel. When it comes to electronic devices, less is more. Try to do it without them. Switch off the mobile phone, do not switch on the computer. Or turn the computer on and just leave the music playing there. There’s a lot of nice music for the ceremonies on YouTube. In the next article I could make a playlist of my favorites…

So, prepare everything nicely. If there are more of you, agree on who will have a “lair” where…

6. The beginning of the ceremony – I recommend Grandfather Tobacco

In Ecuador, Mapacho tobacco in the nose is always, really always, really always used by the Shuar Indians which I visited to open the ceremony. It is pungent, as if unpleasant, but it has a profound meaning.

Tobacco is a man’s pure direct energy. It is sucked into the nose, it can be felt immediately, it usually coughs a little, it blows its nose, it flows into the cavities, which it cleanses and heals. It releases negative energy, it doesn’t “match” much. Tobacco slaps you, stretches you. Great start. Really. Honestly, it took me a while, quite a long time, at least a year, and many tens of times I took tobacco with reluctance, with disgust. But, gradually it changed, it relaxed, and thus my own masculine power began to manifest more and more in my life, self-confidence, determination, strength, uncompromisingness in important respects. Such is the energy of shaman tobacco Mapacha, Latin Nicotiana rustica. A versatile and little-known herb, with huge healing potential. Import of tobacco costs something, so it is significantly more expensive than even the most expensive “strongest tobacco” from the shop…

Hahaha, pure tobacco from the shop, thanks, I don’t want it.It’s not tobacco, it’s butter, slurry, manure… Mapachois a Master Herb, a strong ally, protector, helper, guide, for every day.I highly recommend getting to know this herb.I wish the ceremonies with this herb became more “fashionable”, more familiar. Mapacho tobacco has depth, strength and spirit.The Spirit of Tobacco.Aho mitakuyas oyasin, Mapacho medicina, buena buena.

I always carry the Tobacco with me, at least a little bit, if we ever meet somewhere, and you know me, I’ll be happy to offer it to you… I will also focus on it in another article… I thank all the plants and allies with thanks and deep respect and humility,with whom we dance together here on the planet, get to know each other, work.We are one family, You and Me.Me and You, the Spirit of Tobacco.Thanks Aho.

In the traditional use of plants are usually singing songs, ie “prayers”, prayers to the spirits of plants. Here I offer at least the lyrics of a few tobacco songs. I may eventually be able to record the melody acoustically, or you can come to a “Ceremony with plant allies”, we sing it together.


Mapacho medicine Icaro…


My beloved Tobacco, I put you into my nose

with your help all changes easy to perform… easy to perform

My beloved Tobacco, open all the gates

give me the wings of male power, open them across the Universe… open them all

My beloved Tobacco, my eyes are dripping

I see better than eagle, I finally do not grope net… I no longer grope


In the language of the Shuar Indians, approximate transliteration:

Karakamaná, tsantwi, ťahé, karakamanákú tsantwi ťashein
Ayawikjá tuki tuki, karamkarámu, tsantwi ťashein
Nahakamaná, tsantwi tashain, Karamkarámu, tsantwi tashein

(Meaning: I pray to you, the Spirit of Tobacco, and ask for support, a connection through my body to the entire Universe.Thank you and I greet you.)

“Water”, ie tobacco extract, can also be dripped into the eyes. It stings a minute, two, three… interesting experience, it’s nice to indulge in it from time to time, because it noticeably relieves all the muscle tension stored in the body. It is necessary to breathe, relax, let it subside…

Other options for opening the ceremony

• The intention… “from now on it is a ceremony…”

• The prayer, thanksgiving, prayer for protection (Mother Earth, Father of Heaven, spiritual guides…), recitation, it is enough even in the spirit…

• Smoking the area with smoke extractors

• Use rapé (blow rapé into your nose)

• Drumming on a shaman’s drum, playing a musical instrument…

• Singing a song

• Your favorite meditation technique

• Otherwise… according to yourself…

7. Time for a cup of Ayahuasca

There is not much to solve, what to postpone. After the opening of the ceremony, it is nice to proceed to the next step, which could already be a cup of medicine. Also make sure you have water, a bucket of possible vomiting, a trash bin, comfortable lying down…

How much medicine to drink?

Usually a small cup (50 ml) is used as a measuring cup, and you can drink either the whole cup or half (25 ml) or just something between. But a lot depends on the consistency, the concentration of your medicine. If the medicine was cooked weak, sparse, it is possible that even the whole shot “will do almost nothing”, when it’s concentrated, even half a cup can be enough for a start.

In general, I recommend starting with balance for the very first time, taking less than more, maybe just half a cup, or just one or two bows, and watching what happens to you next. Remember, you can always add medicine, but it can no longer be removed.

You probably immediately feel not really pleasant taste in your mouth. What is bitter, is healing. No proper medicine has completely pleasant taste… You can rinse your mouth with clean water and either swallow it or spit it into a bucket. It’s nice to have a bucket near to you throughout the ceremony.

The effect of ayahuasca medicine

Within a few minutes to tens of minutes, maximum of one hour of the cup, the rising effect of the medicine should be felt. It’s like increasing unusual feelings of tingling on the body, it can be up to tremors, even often feeling cold or hot, colds, sweating, vomiting… Additionally you have different thoughts, attention, here and there, up and down, in and out… you can feel like flying, falling “somewhere down” or “somewhere up”, you can have inside you, with your inner sight, behind closed lids, concrete or less clear visions, sometimes really beautiful, colored in detail.

Thus, at least some of these accompanying phenomena become noticeable within an hour after drinking the cup. If the effect of the medicine is too small, you can add another cup whenever you feel it, whether half a cup or the whole… Let yourself be guided by your clear feeling that “yes, now is the time to add.” If this feeling is not there, you better wait. Better cautiously, gradually, than exaggerating, especially if you’re alone and none of the other people know about your ceremony. It’s completely under your direction, you have it in your hands. It’s definitely an interesting feeling to be a healer, a shaman, ayahuasceros, isn’t it?

Home-cooked medicine from dried herbs will probably never be as powerful as medicine prepared from fresh plant in the rainforest. But even so, it seems to me that it’s worth it… The cost of airfare and all the other expences of staying in the Amazon costs something. It seems to me that it can be interesting to do your ceremony at home and if you are interested, you can go to the Amazon. There are many places to visit, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia – these are the main countries of the continuous Ayahuasca tradition. A lot of wisdom and knowledge of healing can be learned… or it is also possible to attend ceremonies with native shamans from us in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, if you are tempted to have this authentic experience, write to me, I attend several ceremonies every year, we can agree that we will go together or I will send you a suitable contact…

“Something” should be revealed to you by medicine, shown, a crystal clear vision should appear, that “this is the life I want to have”, this is why I am here. This usually occurs after a short or long state of mild crisis, peripetia, from hell to purgatory and then to heaven… Vomiting or nausea may or may not be associated with it.

When vomiting occurs, it is often very relieving and pleasant. Sometimes, however, it is not possible, it happens that in the abdomen you can feel a strong tension for a relatively long time, you feel stomach upset, but no and not vomit. Pretty torment… What about that?

There are several options:

• If you are lying down, get up, straighten your spine. This will straighten your energy, and vomiting and relaxation may occur.

• If that doesn’t help, focus on your breath through your heart or abdomen. Fill yourself with light.

• Put Tobacco in your nose. He usually releases immediately and opens what could not be let go for a long time.

• Blow a rapé in your nose (or get blown it from someone). It usually also works immediately.

• Drink plenty of lukewarm water.

• Wayusa cleansing – if you have a wayusa, boil a pot and when the temperature is pleasantly lukewarm to drink, drink until you vomit. It can easily be more than half a liter, one liter… wayusa has a pleasant alkaline pH, hydrates the body and tastes delicious. You can vomits really pleasantly after drinking wayusa.

• Let it be and it will pass, sooner or later the feeling will disappear… it just sometimes lasts and it can be really torment…

During the ceremony, it can also happen that “shit from the intestines” is released as diarrhea.

Exceptionally, when it “succeeds”, it goes up and down at the same time. It can be survived. I repeat again, it is better to get concentrated things from yourself and release energy blocks and vomit than to let yourself decompose yourself alive…

What to do next during the ceremony?

It is recommended that the first part, as long as you manage it, rather sit with a straight spine, then medicine flows better around your body, solves and “works” together with your conscious part of yourself. When you lie down, you usually get to your subconscious levels easily… Or maybe not, it’s hard to say how you can go through it…

You can listen to music, take notes, draw pictures, or even sing… Usually it’s not very appropriate or the mood to walk or talk to other participants in the ceremony. It’s nice if there are more of you, so that everyone is more for themselves, so that they don’t talk much…

End of the ceremony

It is good to end the ceremony in a similar way as it was started. That is, tobacco, rapé, fragrant essences, etc.… It can be during the night, when you feel that the effect of medicine has subsided, or let yourself be put to sleep and end the ceremony in the morning.

It remains to clean things up, recap what and how to do differently for the next ceremony (for example, other medical dosing, etc.), note down specific steps, visions, goals, information that came to you, usually concerns yourself, but it can be even messages intended for someone, tasks, projects, dreams…

It’s entirely up to you, to whom and how and what to say about your ceremony. Prepare that someone will probably have an understanding for this, someone will not. That’s how it goes…

Diet and rest after the ceremony

After the ceremony, after an unusually sleepless night, you will probably need to sleep, be alone for some time. It’s nice to indulge in peace, solitude, not to go completely to busy places, to the team among the people. You have sensitive energies and it might not be pleasant to jump into the work process, for example, at least a day off is almost a necessity.

Follow your diet as best you can even after the ceremony.Eat thoughtfully, better than before the ceremony.

Do nothing at the expense of yourself.Put your love in the first place.Only with a feeling of inner wholeness and harmony can you help others well and synergistically.

Enjoy life, whatever that means to you.Go to your dreams, visions and projects.

Aho mitakuye oyasin. Thanks for all our relationships.

Questions? Write me, call me. The sequel will probably be, soon, at the right time. Apparently we could go on about music suitable for the ceremony… and there is still a lot that I think is worth mentioning… If you have an interesting question, addition, write me an email or comment below the article.

I am You and You are Me.


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Chrisantem Macháček … I am a person with a wide scope. I enjoy Ladirna.cz, I take photos, I write, I draw, I paint, I also do holistic and “shamanic” therapies, I teach Merkaba meditation etc.

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