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Catuaba (Erythroxylum catuaba), shredded bark

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Erythroxylum catuaba, or Catuaba, is a crushed bark from a deciduous tree that comes from the rainforests of South America. Its height is between 2 and 5 meters. Its fruits are inedible. Another name used is Caramuru. Indigenous people consider it a traditional medicine, Guarani-speaking Indians call Catuaba a “plant that gives strength to Indians.” It is said that Catuabu was discovered by Tupi Indians from Brazil. It is also said that if a man over the age of 60 becomes a father, his child is a gift from Catuaba. Catuaba is botanically related to the cocaine tree, unlike it is of course not illegal.


  • Aphrodisiac: Catuaba is a very strong natural aphrodisiac, according to some people even the strongest. Catuaba works for both men and women. It helps to relax and tune in before the act itself. It improves the experience of a love act and increases sexual vitality. Catuaba directly improves blood flow to the genitals, thus helping the erection. Interestingly, with long-term use, Catuaba can induce sexual dreams. It can also prolong sexual arousal in men, and help treat frigidity in women. Catuaba is a natural aid without known side effects, unlike commonly used artificial medicines, for which the side effects can be quite drastic in some cases. It is also significantly cheaper.
  • Brain effect: Some use Catuaba when they need to boost memory and are even considering the ability to help treat Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes users also describe sharpening the senses.
  • Stimulant and adaptogen: Thanks to its ability to dilate blood vessels in the brain, Catuaba has several effects on it. Catuaba has caffeine-like stimulant effects, it can also improve concentration and increase endurance. It also suppresses hunger. Catuaba has the ability to reduce stress and mental exhaustion, relieve pain and drive away anxiety and nervousness.
  • Antibacterial effect: Catuaba has the ability to support the body’s natural defenses and has antibiotic and antiviral effects.
  • Other effects: It can help stop bleeding and act against diarrhea.


Catuaba is best used in the form of infusion. Pour 250 ML of boiling water over half a teaspoon and boil for 15 minutes. After that, let it stand for another 15 minutes and drain at the end. Use twice a day.


The taste is bitter and woody.
It is not used on an empty stomach.
Use is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.
Exceptionally, it can cause headaches or weaken the intestinal microflora.



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