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Calea Zacatechichi “Dream Herb” 2:1 liquid extract

 14.42 25.92 incl. VAT

Very practical solution to Calea dosing


If you’d like to experience so-called “lucid dreaming”, or “embodiment”, you have several options. For some it happens spontaneously, for others it doesn’t. But if you still want to get “there”, you need aid. You can use the Calea zacatechichi to easily “slip” into lucid states.

Calea itself is quite bitter, for some people even unbearably bitter. This herbal extract can be an interesting “solution” to that.

Calea 2:1 liquid extract

It is a 2:1 extract, which means that 2 grams of plant material (mostly leaves and flowers) from the Calea zacatechichi plant have been used to make 1 milliliter of the final extract. We also offer powdered 10x Calea extract and Calea for infusions.


You can feel different states such as pure spiritual insights, feelings of embodiment to “flying”, visits to spiritual dimensions, channeling etc. How deep and how pleasant the states you will experience also depends on your previous experiences with states of extended perception of reality and of course on the size of your dose . The effects appear within about 30 minutes and last on average 3-5 hours.


a) For lucid dreaming

Effective dosage is very individual. The extract begins to work from just a few drops, but it is possible to use up to 10 ml at a time. We recommend using a maximum of 10 ml of extract, which corresponds to 20 grams of dried Calea zacatechichi plant. We recommend starting with lower doses and possibly increasing them. Another option is to spread the contents of one bottle over several nights. We don’t have dreams every night, so in this way we can increase the probability that Calea will successfully accompany us to the world of dreams.

b) Microdosing

The second option, especially for individual purposes, is microdosing. Put a few drops (1-3) into a drink and drink it. You can also apply directly under the tongue. The taste is quite bitter, but most users tolerate this extract better than pure infusion from the Calea zacatechichi plant.

Tip: You can reduce the taste of the extract by adding acidic foods into the extract, powdered vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or food-grade citric acid (commonly available in stores) have worked best for us, but lemon juice should also work. It is possible to experiment, but we should mix in the sour component just before serving.


Calea zacatechichi, drinking water


5 or 10 ml, glass bottle with practical dropper

We now deliver in a more ecological packaging. Photos are only for illustration.


Store refrigerated

Country of origin

Czech republic


Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women.

Use with care, at your own risk. We do not guarantee that you will actually achieve lucid states. If want a consultation, please contact us.



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5 ML, 10 ML

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