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Sananga (Tabernaemontana undulata) Eye Drops Detailed Guide

Sananga Eye Drops

Sananga is a powerful Amazon medicine.  Tabernaemontana undulata from the family Apocynaceae, which grows deep in the Brazilian rainforest, whose original name is Mata Heins. The name comes from the Huni Kuin dialect of the Kaxinawa Indians. It is a shrub whose juice is used by the Indians of the Kaxinawa, Katukina and other tribes. The juice is extracted by boiling the root and was originally used to treat the so-called Panemas – a spiritual disease.

Active ingredient is ibogaine, a very powerful substance, the ingestion of which can cause deep relaxation states and thus allows the Indians to come into contact with the spiritual worlds. However, in traditional medicine, Sananga is used as eye drops. The Indian warriors put a drop in each eye before embarking on the hunt to sharpen their vision so that they could feel the gentle movements in the dense forest.

Important note – ibogaine is only one of the ingredients in sananga. Please do not confuse sananga with the Iboga plant.It is also a very powerful medicinal plant, but it grows on another continent, in Africa… see the article by Tabernanthe Iboga.

Sananga basically works on two main energy levels – physical and spiritual. The Indians believe that the “Spirit of Sananga“, which is energy, intelligence, an analogy of the active ingredient of this powerful plant, acts directly on the original cause of the disease.

The eyes are windows to the soul. Everything we see and everything we project is stored in our eyes, including our karmic history. The spirit of Sananga looks for energy patterns in the system that are out of balance and dissolves the forces that make up Panemas. The use of Sananga leads to the alignment of the soul in harmony with the spiritual power of nature, the extension of the power of the spiritual vision (third eye), the inner vision.

Drops from the root of sananga support deep cleansing of blocked energies on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Sananga can balance or amplify our energies, find and harmonize the roots of diseases and blocks, leading to complete balance, focus and peace of mind. It removes negative energies, opens the third eye and heart chakra, harmonizes, expands the connection to the spiritual realms, decalcifies and activates the pineal gland.

Shamans describe “panemas” as a conglomeration of lower energies present in a person’s energetic body due to a sedentary lifestyle full of negative thinking and inappropriate habits that are detrimental to an individual’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. These low energies are stored in the energetic body and cause sadness, depression, physical and mental stress, making it impossible for us to have harmonious relationships, be successful and achieve our life goals.

Through Sananga, this energy charge is automatically eliminated. It is as if a person has undergone a gentle energy shock, so that after application, the person feels happy, encouraged and able to achieve the goals.

You can cook as much medicine as you can use.

Instructions for home preparation of Sananga medicine

  • Buy Sananga root with bottles at Pachamama Herbs
  • When it comes to you, realize your intention as much as possible, create a clean cooking space, set aside 2-3 hours for cooking, when you will give maximum attention to medicine. During the preparation of medicine, focus on your intention for health, your own positive energy, listen to pleasant music, sing, drum, meditate. Pay attention to cooking at all times. The more care and attention you give to medicine, the stronger and more effective it will be and the more consistent its effect.
  • You can crush the root into smaller pieces, such as a mortar.
  • Boil the sananga root in a small pot of water, for 5 grams of the root you can use up to 1.5-2 liters of pure cold water, ideally harmonized, from a well, etc., or distilled (but it is better any harmonized)
  • Boil on a low flame (or in a water bath) for approx. 2 hours or longer, until the amount of water boils to the required amount, only 40 ml of concentrated juice may remain. The longer you cook and the more you concentrate, the stronger the drops will be.
  • Let the juice cool down and strain through a very fine sieve or canvas.
  • Pour into dropper bottles or other glasses and store in a cool place (in a refrigerator). Medicine prepared in this way usually lasts in the range of 1-3 months.
  • Drop your own drops into your eyes. Do they work? I believe so. If they are too strong, you can dilute them with clean water.
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How to use eye drops?

With a little dexterity, even one person can drip sananga into own eyes, but it is slightly easier when one person drips droplets to someone else.

Whatever you do, the dripping of sananga hurts in the eyes.

Like any natural medicine, Sananga is very holistic. It is not self-saving, but it acts as a synergistic support for deeper relaxation, healing, the path to health, strength, purity, love…

Before dripping eye drops

  • Realize your intention. What bothers you the most? What and where is it for you? Where’s your pain?
  • How long does this condition last? Do you want to keep it that way, or are you ready for a change, a release?
  • Where in the body is the resonance, the core of the topic? So where do you feel most stressed, blocked energy?
  • Ask the “Spirit of Sananga” to focus on the place, to help you heal that particular place and all related topics.
  • Then it’s time for droplets…

Dripping into the eyes

A person who is dripping Sananga should lie on his back, either on the floor, on a mat, on a couch, on a bed … or, of course, outside in nature. It’s nice when there is peace and it’s a place where no one will disturb the processes…

One person drips to another person

Make sure that the entrusted person is calm, you can talk about the intention, where to send the medicine specifically…

The person lies on his back with his head straight or slightly tilted and closes his eyes.

The caregiver takes a drop of sananga in a dropper and drips one (or, if agreed, two to three) drops to the tip of the nose into each eye, which are still closed.

The moment a lying person has a drop of Sananga in both eyes, he opens his eyes, blinks slightly… and it comes right away. Strong burning effect. Pain, pain, pain in your eyes. It’s necessary not to resist all sound manifestations and especially to relax with your breath. It’s possible to sigh freely, hiss, shout, even swear… The drops usually burn for a minute to two, a maximum of three, four, five minutes… There should be no more. It’s great to focus on your breath, on breathing tension, with the idea of encouraging the energy to be released from the place we named before the drip…

The caregiver can take care of the “patient”, for example, he lights a smoker, sings a song that fits the ceremony, plays a musical instrument, fits rather softly, decently. He can send energy, fan, etc., he can gently touch a lying person, if it’s in harmony with both. However, it’s often better to leave a person lying in their space to grapple with the pain and wait for him to get up, look around and “wake up”…

Dripping to your eyes by yourself

The procedure is basically the same as when someone else is present, who performs the process, only the role of healer and the person being treated is taken by you.

The most difficult part of all this is to blindly drop the droplets into your eyes. It can be done. In the eyes with one drop to the nose… Before blinking, it’s a good idea to return the dropper to the bottle and screw it on. Relax, blink and… aaahhh… yaaaa… uuuuuu… yeeeeaaa… 

Questions about Sananga drops

If you have a question, write me or call me, I will be happy to answer, as far as I know.

Contacts are here.

Hello, I greet you and send greetings from Heart to Heart.


Sananga is available at Pachamama Herbs:

About the author – Chrisantem Macháček

I am a person with a wide scope… I created PachamamaHerbs.com and Ladirna.cz, I take photos, I write, I draw, I paint, I also do holistic and “shamanic” therapies, I teach Merkaba meditation etc. You can also visit my personal artist gallery Chrisantem.Art.

4 thoughts on “Sananga (Tabernaemontana undulata) Eye Drops Detailed Guide

  1. Hello Chrisantem
    Thank you for the wonderful piece about Sananga. I have read it with great interest. I always get my Sananga ready made but noticed that you give instructions for a 5 grm amount of root bark.
    Would you say that the resulting 40 ml is a good strong effect or not and what would you suggest to attain very strong Sananga juice?
    Thank for your work and your time Brother
    Jase Rindos Aguas

    1. Hi Jase, thanks for your comment. To be honest, I can’t give you more precise information about how to prepare home strong Sananga. When I wrote the article, it worked for me as described, but another time I was not able to prepare enough strong eye drops, probably because I had Sananga root from different source so it was not enough strong. You need to find dosage on your own alchemic/shamanic journey.



  2. Bonjour à tous, merci pour toutes vos informations, juste une petite chose, svp lors du rituel du sananga, ne toucher pas vos avec vos mains ou autres, c est simplement une pensée personnelle, qui a mon sens à un grand intérêt
    Merci à l’esprit Sananga 🙏

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