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Calea Zacatechichi, 10x extract, shredded

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Calea Zacatechichi is a densely branched shrub, which grows In Central America. Its height reaches 3 meters, the plant has oval leaves with a toothed border. It blooms with yellow flowers. Its best habitat are altitudes above 1500 meters. It chooses the same subsoil as oaks and pines, so we can often see them grow in close proximity. Mexico boasts the largest occurrence, but we can find Calea also on Yucatan and in Costa Rica.

Effects of Calea

Lucid dreaming is considered to be the most fundamental effect. This is a state in which we dream of very colorful dreams full of a story. Above all, we are able to realize that we are dreaming. Another bonus is the ability to remember individual dreams. After drinking this tea, we begin to feel tired, broadened senses, perception of the environment, but also imagination.

If you want to experience so-called “lucid dreaming”, or “incarnation”, you have several options. For some it happens spontaneously. For someone, for who this doesn’t happen, there is Calea. It gives him oppurtunity to “slip” into lucid dreaming states.

A tea from zacatechichi is quite bitter, even unbearably bitter for some. For them, Calea extract can be an interesting “solution”. Use it with forethought, please stay safe.

Please note: We do not guarantee that you will actually achieve lucid states as this condition depends on many variables. If you want some guidance, kindly contact us.

This is a 10:1 gram-to-gram extract, which means one gram of an extract is made from 10 grams of dried Calea zacatechichi leaves and flowers.


The effects appear within about 30 minutes and last for 3-5 hours. User can feel different states such as pure spiritual insights, feelings of incarnation or “flying”, visits to spiritual dimensions, channeling … How deep and how pleasant states user experience also depends on user’s previous experience with states of augmented perception of reality.

Not suitable for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women.


Calea zacatechichi powdered extract 10:1

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