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Revitalizing Water Glass Mythos Platinum, 250 ML

 10.83 incl. VAT

Improve water quality in just 3 minutes!

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Revitalizing glass from the Swiss manufacturer Natures Design are designed according to the principles of sacred geometry and improve water quality in just 3 minutes!

On the bottom of the glass there is the Flower of life symbol, made of real platinum!

The glass has a volume of 250 ML and is sold in cardboard box for safe shipping. Advisable as a beautiful and practical gift.

  • Made of mouth blown lead free glass
  • Suitable for washing up to 70°C
  • Not dishwasher safe
Flower of Life

This symbol Flower of Life is one of the most powerful symbols in Sacred Geometry. It is an ancient symbol showing the interconnectedness of all life in the universe. This symbol was known in many ancient cultures; often used to revitalize and stabilize foods and liquids, as jewelry and energy symbols.

Quality water matters

The best water for human health is fresh spring water directly from natural springs.

The tap water that we drink and use by default goes through unnatural processes such as pressure filtering, sludge from pipelines settles in it, etc. During the journey through the pipeline, the water loses its natural harmonic crystalline structure and becomes so-called “dead water”.

With its shape and symbols on the bottom, the Natures Design glass reactivates water and brings it to the same energetic form in which it is found in nature, in as little as 3 minutes. The glasses are created according to the research of the Japanese scientist and healer Masaru Emoto.

These glasses, decanters and bottles from Natures Design revitalize weakened processed water from any source. Other liquids, such as juices and wine, also have better taste and biological vitality when stored in glass containers.

3 minutes of staying in the glasses is enough to improve weakened tap water. Survey results from EF Brown Laboratory, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland.


The production of Nature design products requires traditional craftsmanship.

The Flower of Life symbols at the bottom are fired into the glass base at 600 degrees Celsius. The glass used to make Nature designer glass is approximately 40% silica sand, which is known to be a highly energetic medium. Glass for designer glass from Natures Design is completely free of lead or other heavy metals.


The flower of life (chakra) on the underside of the glass (from the outside) is fired at around 600°C and then coated with a food grade protective coating. In principle, the glasses are suitable for the dishwasher, but after 500 to 1,000 washes, depending on the hardness of the water and the quality of the cleaning agent, the symbol may start to fade.



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