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Rapé Blend Katukina Vashawá from Brasil, bottle 5G

 14.40 incl. VAT

New Rapé blend since autumn 2022!


In stock

The rapé blend VASHAWÁ from the Brazilian Indians of the Katukina tribe was sent to us by our friend Rafa. Rapé Vashawá is very strong.

Rapé Vashawá has a great power of awakening and liberation from the “deposits of the old self”. Rapé is often used in the ceremonies of healers and shamans, more specifically on Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Vashawá means “snake” in the Katukina language, the snake is the most sacred animal for them. Because the serpent is the guardian of the secrets and magic of Ayahuasca.

The sacred serpent comes to us when we take ayahuasca or other medicine and takes us to the higher astral planes to get in touch with our inner and higher selves to receive guidance and support from these great spirits that we meet in the process of medicine. The snake is a spiritual guide, with an innate knowledge of survival and growth and protection. When we receive Vashavá rapés, we can feel the power of the medicine spirits (the spiritual energy of the indigenous people and the forest) to give us good and useful advice or suggestions to improve the quality of life.

Rapé Vashawá is very strong. It is also great for treating low self-esteem or depression, as it helps us focus in our present moment and observe with greater detail and attention who we are and what we are doing with our lives. In the process, we understand how to be more ourselves and we understand how to let go of the judgment of our “false self”.

Katukina tribe

The Katukina tribe is an indigenous group that inhabits the southwestern Brazilian state of Acre. They are the traditional bearers of rapé knowledge in the Brazilian Amazon. The people of Katukina are called “People of the Sky, People of the Sun and People of the Otter”. When the people of Katukina share their rapé, there is an opportunity to communicate with a higher level. They believe that heavenly spirits descend behind them to oversee the songs, dances and realities of the earthly world.

Packaging: bottle with 5 g of prepared rapé blend

Country of origin: Brazil, Katukina tribe

More information on rapé use

Conscious use – ritual

The rapé is a sacred Amazonian instrument and the indigenous tribes pass it down to us with this message: “The use of the rapé should always be associated with a prayer or ritual and received or given with respect and humility, it helps a lot when a clear intention is attached. The effects and realization of the intention will thus be strengthened. It is important to maintain purity in the space of your heart at all times.”



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