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Rapé Medicine Detailed Guide

For some people a very popular and powerful powder, but for some still an great unknown.

In this comprehensive article, I share as best as I can everything I learned during my trip with rapé. I am well aware that my experience is quite limited to the use of ready-made powder, based on my own individual and therapeutic practice, mainly in the Czech Republic. I look forward to traveling to the Amazon for a while as soon as possible and learning more about rapé directly at the source.

I share with you my “Song of Rapé Medicine”

Rapé, rapé rapé, powder fine, fine, fine, fine, fine
You are so wonderfully strong, strong, strong, strong, strong And now I am also strong, strong, strong, strong, strong You shoot me into the Universe, I spread out into the Universe, Universe, Universe, Universe I am in peace with my soul body, I am in peace with my heart, I am in peace, I am in peace You ground, you connect, you connect me with Mother Earth, you connect me, you connect me Haira, haira haira, haira haira…

Do you want to buy rapé?

In the offer at Ladirna.cz, we always have several types of mixtures available, as well as blowpipe kuripe and tépi including many other herbs and other products that support life in wholeness and harmony.

Rapé section at Pachamama Herbs

Current offer of quality types of rapé (which are constantly changing)

• Kuripe – personal rapé blowpipes

• Shamanic rapé blowpipes tépi

So what is rapé?

Rapé is a fine powder made from several plants, it is a sacred medicine of the Amazon Indian tradition, it has been used “since time immemorial”, probably for tens of thousands of years. The main center of rapé use is in Brazil. In the surrounding countries (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador) it is also possible to meet rapé, but rather exceptionally.

Thanks to travelers, ethnobotanists and neo-shamans from our Western culture, we Europeans can increasingly enjoy the profound gifts that this medicine provides. Thanks for them. It is a powerful tool for internal tuning and healing of blocked energy in the body. Like any medicine, it has its specifics, its possibilities and appropriate rules, which are recommended to know and follow.

What is the composition of rapé?

Main ingredient: Aztec tobacco / Nicotiana rustica

The basic ingredient of rapé is (not necessarily always) powder from the plant Nicotiana rustica, Aztec tobacco (other name: strong tobacco, Native American tobacco) from the Solanaceae family, also the names Mapacho are often used as well as „Grandfather tobacco“, „shamanic tobacco“ and others.

This tobacco is a different botanical species than ordinary cigarette tobacco, and even the strongest and purest tobacco from regular sales will not surpass the “Grandfather tobacco Mapacho” in its strength.

The main active ingredient in Nicotiana rustica tobacco is nicotine, this species is reported to contain about 15-20 times more nicotine than commonly available Nicotiana tabacum.

Note: If you’re scared of these numbers, and you think it’s weird how nicotine can be curative when it does cause cancer, then I’ll try to answer you. Cancer (or any other disease) is not necessarily caused by smoking, which our society fights and reduces, it is only one partial fragment, which is clearly visible, so you can blame it. As a holistic therapist, I perceive a person as a whole, not only the body (or rather the body), but also his environment, relationships, habits… Usually the one who smokes for a long time smokes for some reason. He usually found a cigarette as a good way to “calm down at least a little,” to relax. Nicotine soothes tension, gives the brain pleasant stimuli. A person who is in constant (usually work or relationship) stress allows this stress to penetrate more and more, soaking it into himself. Gradually, if he does not find suitable methods to get stress from himself (whether meditation, exercise, running, dancing, movement, or controlled constructive therapeutic session…), then the body more and more withers, has more and more stress in the body, blocked energy that manifests itself more or less physically, like disease. A person’s natural state is glowing health. It is possible to be in this state forever, but it means great responsibility, resistance, to stress. Daily practice, daily functional psycho-physical-hygienic habits are a necessity. Otherwise, the body gradually withers, because the conscious part of the personality gives long-term and systematic consent, and even if a disease appears seemingly “clearly”, it is never completely clear… But we have moved a little away from rapé medicine. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Everything is related to everything…

Nicotine, which rapé contains a large amount, calms strongly and quickly (essentially immediately), relieves tension (stored in cells, in muscles).

And what’s even further in rapé?

In rapé, it is (but does not have to be) a mix of other plants.

Each type of rapé is unique. There are one-component rapé (for example, Rapé Puro, which is only pure ground tobacco), two-component and multi-component. Usually, when a rapé is called, for example, Caneleiro, there is a plant (tree) in the rapé, which is called Caneleiro + tobacco. When a rapé is called Murici, it is created from a tree called Murici. The ash from the trees is put into the rapé. But it doesn’t have to be just ash from a tree, other plant parts such as leaves, fruits, roots, etc. can also be used.

There is also a “green rapé” called Apurina, which does not contain Mapacho tobacco.

How rapé is made and who prepares it?

The traditional production is such that medical producers burn a tree of a specific species, leaving only a relatively small amount of ash from the huge mass of the tree. Mapacho tobacco is dried on large racks over a fire, then crushed and ground in large mortars, and gradually the prepared ash and other plant ingredients are added. In addition, someone usually plays special songs for making rapé, and prayers are said for the healing of those who will use rapé… All this together creates a completely unique mix of effects. Is there a big difference when medicine is prepared pharmacologically and chemically, in a sterilized environment with protective equipment, from dangerous substances, how can it then be treated? Rapé is created in a relaxed, pleasant natural environment (in the jungle), together, with respect for Mother Earth and the Universe, with a deep knowledge of the functioning of medicinal herbs.

Each tribe has its own tradition of production, composition and rituals of rapé preparation, and it is quite difficult to generalize something. They usually choose enough to whom they entrust their secrets. It is a great priority for us at Ladirna to ensure quality rapé as close as possible “from the source”.

The rapé we have at Ladirna in glass bottles comes from our good friend T.N. (does not wish to be named), who has been traveling to South America for a long time and has gradually become acquainted with several shamans-medicines and their tribes, this man brings us rapé of first-class quality and without other intermediaries. He is the first white man with whom the Indians of these tribes prepare rapé.

How rapé is applied? Rapé ceremony

The Indians traditionally use specially designed blowpipes made of bamboo or hollow wood. There are two basic types of rapé usage, personal and paired. In addition, the powder can be used in other, alternative ways.

What to prepare for the rapé ceremony?

Before blowing the rapé, it is necessary to have toilet paper or paper handkerchiefs on hand, or even a spitting bowl, you can prepare incense burners, fragrant essences, cards, etc.


Before blowing rapé, be as aware of your intention as to why you are blowing rapé. The more specifically you can do it, the more in depth the rapé can work (the intent may be, for example: “Rapé, please help me open the Heart Chakra so that I can forgive my parents for the way they treated me as a child…”. Or: “Rapé, help me to reconnect with the nature of Mother Earth, so that I can find a peaceful and beautiful home here on the planet Earth, where I can live in harmony and harmony with my children, partner and family…”). If you define your intention more as “Please, rapé, give me good health”, it will of course work as well, then you leave room for the wise intelligence of plants to find, in synergy with your own being, the best form for it to happen. There are no rules for how the intention is to be defined.

Some awareness of intent may say prayer, you can pray to the universal power, Deity, you can address your wishes to your favorite spiritual guides and allies, it doesn’t matter. You are important, whether you feel comfortable, whether it springs from your heart and your whole being, do nothing because “something should be like this”, “it must be done this way when it is written here and there”…

Space cleaning

If you are used to it, you can briefly or more thoroughly smoke the space in which you are located, whether it is outside or somewhere inside at home. It serves to connect more deeply with yourself, and with what you are going to do, by igniting the fumigator, everyone who is present (not just people) feels that something is happening, that they are about to do something.

You can also sing some songs, sing the sacred sound of Om, drum on a drum or play another instrument, it’s entirely up to you. It also depends on what environment you are using rapé, whether it is part of a joint ceremony of people who have just come for it, or whether you are secreting somewhere and do not want to be the center of attention.

There are special songs called “icaros”, they are songs suitable for shamanic ceremonies. Some you can find on Youtube, others someone can teach you, or your own songs can come to you. When this happens, it is a sign that you are well connected with the spirit of medicine (whether it is rapé or other plant allies, such as ayahuasca).

“Bad forces” go away by the very cleansing of the space, during the singing of a song, a wish or a smoke, and the “good forces” come…

Blowing rapé powder

It’s nice to first practice blowing into the blowpipe empty, without powder, to see if the size of the blowpipe fits you. If it is too small or big, you have got bad one, if it’s a rapé blowpipe from Ladírna, send it back to us and we will definitely find a replacement.

There are endless possibilities to blow rapé, you can blow strongly or gently or something in between, you can blow one stream of air, or two or three, or intermittently like dots on a Morse code, you can blow “hummingbird”, “anaconda”, “jaguar”, “condor” and so on. It takes practice, you can figure something out yourself, someone else, more experienced, can show that to you.

You will gradually find out how much rapé is just right for you. The Indians are blowing “large doses”, here in Europe we are saving rapé and we only need less. Much depends on the intention. It is not necessarily a direct measure that the more rape, the stronger the effects are, it depends a lot on the current mood and condition of the body, but in general, the more rape, the stronger the accompanying phenomena occur. We will get to it gradually. But again, the intention should not be to “get together properly”, but to be healthy, whole, happy… Someone “needs” it and likes to use a stronger dose of rapé, someone doesn’t need it at all, someone so something in between…

Blowing rapé yourself

Anyone who wants to accept rapé applies it himself. Usually, blowpipes are used for this, which are about 4-7 cm in size and have a sharp angle, they are called “kuripe” (also chiripe, colloquially “selfie blowpipe”). They are just large enough to place one end (the shorter one) on the edge of the mouth and the longer end in one nostril.

Carefully pour a powder the size of about 2 peas from the bottle in the middle of the palm of one hand (in the case of right-handers on the left, left-handers on the right). You can make one big pile of them and then take half of it, or you can create two small piles close to each other in the palm of your hand.

Carefully take one half of the powder with the longer end of the blowpipe, tap the blowpipe a little and the powder will get completely inside, it will not remain at the edge of the tube.

Then take a deep breath, hold your breath, concentrate, place the shorter end of the blowpipe in the middle of your mouth, the longer end in the nose (usually starting with the left nostril) and blow a concentrated stream of air into the blowpipe. The air stream with rapé powder is immediately blown into your nose and you will immediately feel its effect.

It is usually immediately tears in the eyes (or one eye), increased salivation, feeling sick and dizziness (as during hangover), depending on the state of contamination of the body, other symptoms such as excessive sweating, thirst, and sometimes “cleansing” may occur, like vomiting. Vomiting occurs almost always when rapé is combined with alcohol or when rapé is taken soon after a meal. Also when the body is heavily clogged with “bad energy” (whatever you imagine – toxins, unprocessed emotions, diseases with as yet unmanifested or already manifested symptoms), which is in disharmony with the spirit of rapé.

It is advisable to have handkerchiefs on hand, if you are starting and you are alone, for sure you will not spoil anything even by preparing a washbasin or a bowl for spitting saliva, or possible vomiting. Or make a rapé ceremony outside, where you can comfortably turn around and spit on the ground. The earth receives and transforms everything with love and safety.

When can I blow my nose after blowing rapé?

Someone has a strong urge to blow their nose right away, as soon as they have a rapé in their nose. It’s alright. It feels better for me at least a few seconds, or as long as possible, to leave the powder in my nose, and blow my nose in a while.

Some people recommend breathing only through the mouth after blowing rapé so that the effect of medicine can spill over the body, it occurs to me that when you breathe through the nose after blowing, the effect of medicine is a little stronger. This can trigger the tendency to cough up phlegm. Cough as needed.

Everything is very individual, like everything. All variants are correct. Be guided by the wise intelligence of your body. Trust the process.

Blowing into the other nostril

For the very first time, one does not know much what rapé is going to do if blown into the other nostril, the greatest fear of the unknown is alleviated… Sometimes there is a stronger effect and accompanying phenomena than at the first nostril, other times it is weaker. It depends.

In any case, during one application (during one rapé ceremony) it is necessary to blow rapé medicine into both nostrils, because then there is the desired state of balance between our right and left hemispheres, between the male and female parts of us. Sometimes it is blown immediately, other times only after the biggest accompanying phenomena have disappeared. Really always put yourself into both nostrils. After blowing into only one nostril, you usually feel more flow, relaxation, in one half of the body, after blowing into the other nostril, the energy is nicely balanced and stabilized.

Ceremony in pairs

The ceremony (application) of rapé in pairs has a similar course, but then one person blows the other. One is the healer, the shaman, of the other. Usually the one who blows already has some experience with it, so he knows what to do. If not, watch the video.

The one who blows, ie the “shaman”, should clearly explain everything to those interested in rapé, consider whether there is a suitable time and a pleasant space for it, and help with the selection of rapé (when there are more of them). He usually waits and checks that the “patient’s” condition is fine, when anything that he can’t do is happening, he should help him as best he can, whether he give him a tissue, his hands or other methods to help direct his energy properly.

Rapé is a powerful tool, and the more I get to know it, the more I am fascinated by the possibilities it has.

Alternative methods of using rapé

Gradually, I found out that rapé can be used by other, more or less proven methods.

What to do when the appetite for rapé and the blowpipe is not at close hand?

One option is not to have a rapé, to wait for another moment. Notorious rapé users will find other ways.

Use straw for lemonade

Or, if a straw for drinking lemonade and other drinks is at hand, you can cut a piece of straw in the size of a kuripe or a tépi with scissors and blow such an improvised rapé blowpipe like a classic bamboo one. It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s functional. The disadvantage is that the straw has a narrow opening and so too much powder does not fit inside and it is necessary to put it inside very gently and carefully. The effect of such a narrow blowpipe is usually quite strong, because the air flow in the straw is very concentrated.

Sniff” the powder

Put the powder either in the palm of your hand or on the back of your hand behind your thumb, plug the opposite nostril (when applied to the left nostril, plug the right nostril) and inhale the powder quickly. It also works well, the effect is good enough.

This “trick” was taught to me by a man who lived for some time between a Brazilian Indian tribe, there it is experienced that rapé “can blow” only a “real shaman”. “Ordinary people”, members of the tribe, use rapé over the hand without a blowpipe. The advantage of this method is that in this way rapé can have any number of people at once, it is less time consuming, so it is suitable for larger meetings.

Or there is another option, to put a “line” on a mat and suck in by curled piece of paper or by banknote. The form of use is then closer to conventional chemical drugs.

I write these methods here for completeness or interest, blowing rapé is, in my experience, an excellent opportunity for mutual enrichment, healing and safe sharing.

What can be done with rapé as well?

I am an exploratory man by nature, I always have enough rapé around me, so I like to explore it often and often. I am looking for and finding other ways to use the power of this fine powder. For inspiration I share:

A little rapé powder in a glass of water, tea, coffee or other beverage to promote gentle detoxification

In rapé, there is Mapacho tobacco, which can also be drunk as tea. Its main effect is the release of tension throughout the body, where the most of the energy is accumulated. Often, during normal and alternative diets, we have the most sediments in the intestines and also cells in other parts of the body are clogged as well. Other plant ingredients (ashes from Amazon trees) also combine well with this use.

Occasionally, especially in the fall and winter, or when I have a period of stronger cleansing and detoxification, I need to mix a pinch of rapé in a glass of water, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, it is an excellent supportive medicine for cleansing the body. I also sometimes put a pinch of rapé in herbal tea or quality black coffee (which I drink without milk and without sugar).

Then it acts as a homeopathic support, gradually dispersing throughout the body, its taste is almost unknown and the body’s cells are enriched with the active ingredients of medicine. I recommend you to try it, if you like, you can repeat as you wish.

A pinch of rapé for vegetable salad, cocktail, juice, smoothie…

You will get a similar effect, gentle detoxification and relaxation of cells at deep levels, when you mix a small pinch of rapé into any dish you eat. Depending on how much rapé you have, it either doesn’t smell at all or as a very slightly pungent spice.

The body can then feel a slight sharpening of the senses for about half an hour to an hour, depending on how sensitive and receptive you are, it also strengthens all internal organs.

It doesn’t matter which rapé you use, take the one that suits you best for this purpose.

Questions from Ladírna customers and those interested in more information

It is, of course, possible to be guided further, beyond set and known boundaries, with respect, humility and trust… It can sometimes be an interesting experience… Sometimes I wonder what questions I receive, I always like to answer.

Which rapé to choose? Which is the most popular?

One question for all:

Hello, I have a question about rapé – can you recommend me one of the mixtures you sell?For example, which is the most popular, best-selling, etc.?Thank you for the information.Radim

The best-selling products are clearly listed on the Best-Selling page in Ladírna. Just look there, which one is currently “the best”.

I note that not everyone wants, what everyone wants. Everyone has a specific need, so if you would like to receive individual advice, it is better to always contact us by e-mail or telephone (contacts here), or visit one of the joint events, especially Ceremonies with plant allies are designed for this, it’s possible to get rapé from me and talk about everything.

If you don’t like it in person, get in touch by phone. In order to be able to give good advice on which rapé to choose, I also need to know how much experience you have with rapé, what is your current most important life issue, what is your physical constitution, etc., it is advantageous to see yourself in person, but I understand that not always possible. Even so, a lot of things can be solved over the phone call…

The choice of rapé is always very individual, the offer gradually changes. Take a look at the labels to see if something important is written there, we write them as best we can, within the limits set by law, bearing in mind that it is written in public and therefore for everyone. To some it may seem “strange” to write about the spirits of plants, someone is more familiar with these topics… Therefore, get in touch if you need help and advice.

How often to take rapé? Can’t I get addicted to it? After all, there is nicotine in it…

Hello, I watched your instructional video, which is quite nicely emotionally presented.My question is about rapé and its long-term use at such frequent frequencies as you use it on the organism, and of course the main question concerns the organism’s addiction on these herbs.I did not read it anywhere at all. Send me please more detailes about self-assessment of addiction. Thank you for your answer. Peter.

Hello Peter, thanks for the question, which raises a lot of possibilities and interpretations… “Addiction of the organism to these herbs”… I could probably make another detailed video on this topic or write an article, so now here only “briefly”… Addiction as such we have on so many external “things” like air, water, food, coffee, tea, relationships, house, internet, phone, clothes … just for the introduction for awareness raising… So someone can definitely have a “rapé addiction”, of course. I got used to the pleasant beneficial effect associated with the use of rapé and it suits me that way. Rapé contains nicotine and other chemicals, after the application of rapé you can feel immediate, absolutely immediate, relaxation, “the head rests”, there are often accompanying phenomena such as tearing, coughing, etc. It’s natural medicine, which means it’s a neutral tool, we can cut bread, cut an apple or hurt someone else with a knife. Or it can lie hidden in a kitchen drawer… Do you understand?

My “more detailed self-assessment of addiction”? Looking back on the period when I used rapé quite often and intensively (even several times every day), my feeling is: “I feel thankful that we have the rapé available here, thanks for them, thanks to the Indians who prepare them, I thank to myself, that I decided to use them… “Because I have no idea what would be without them, how I would help myself… I would probably find another method, maybe I would do more sports, or start using another substance, like chocolate or coffee or a common “cigarettes ” , or alcohol, or psychotropic drugs, but for many reasons it just suits me rapé. In contrast to cigarettes, which are also made of tobacco, I must say that rapé, from my observations, has no negative long-term effects on the body, even with more frequent use.

During the period of stress and tension, I used it more often, and gradually everything in my life was addressed, so the need for frequent use of rapé naturally disappeared… The safety of rapé use also confirms the fact that the more it is used, the less strong “states” associated with rapé are, for the desired release it is necessary to increase the amount in one dose… and then it comes to a point where it is really not worth it, and I prefer to have other plants or do something else… this is how I started to draw and paint, I found it also very helpful in relieving mental tension and stress…

Another aspect which is present in rapé and any other addiction, is namely the availability of “drugs”. For me, it’s different because I sell rapé, so I need to test the rapé, taste it, be able to make advise when and what to use it for and when I prefer something else… The average customer must think about how much money is willing to give for one bottle of rapé, or for a box of cigarettes, or for a pack of coffee, or for a bottle of alcohol, or for attending a concert… We are adults, self-righteous, and free. And so it’s good.

Thank you for the answer, I also wanted to ask if you consulted this medication, for example at the medical level.Do you know, for example, what it could do to a person who has epilepsy, cardio, allergies, etc.…. I’m interested in this, because I’m also a user.

Hello, Peter,

I had the opportunity to “make a speech” about this topic with a few doctors, so usually there was no reasonable conversation with them, by default doctors are too integrated in the standard pharmaceutical-medical system, only few doctors are interested in alternative procedures and even if they learn about such herbs, begins to argue with insufficient medical research, etc., etc.… In my opinion, it does not make much sense with the opponents of alternative directions.

I would very much like to find a doctor who would sponsor well-conducted research into alternative medicines that we sell, but so far we have not succeeded. There are as many complexities in the game as having experience with scientific methodology, etc., and it is also difficult to measure “progress”, each person is unique and needs to be approached uniquely, which, for example, rapé use in my opinion opens this ability to perceive… I do not dare therefore, in any way, guess how a person as you write could react who has for example epilepsy, cardio, allergies etc. – these are quite different “diseases” – it would be a different situation if one person had all these symptoms, or if there were three people…

It is always necessary to proceed so-called holistically, looking for the cause of the problem, the disease, and in this case, for example rapé, but not only rapé, can help appropriately when it can be used… But of course it is not “self-saving”, there are more types and some are used more for the treatment of physical ailments, others more for energy-mental problems, etc., etc.…

Thank you again for the answer, I think we are on the same wave of our consciousness and I wish us a happy journey to fill all ignorance. Peter

Did rapé work for me?


About 2 months ago I bought a rapé powder and that wood (blow pipe) for one person. Finally, I felt that the time was right and I went into nature with the intention to use the rapé and with the focus to heal myself. I had a small dose as I have seen at in your video. Apart from the fact that my eyes almost popped out, I did not notice any urge to spit and vomit. Is it alright? I tried to spit it out, but I couldn’t make it. In the end, I had to blow my nose. As for the feelings after use, I also did not notice anything unusual. I was just kind of immersed myself in the surrounding nature, and the only difference was that I wasn’t afraid even after dark, which I am usually afraid of when wild boars and wild animals walked around me. I stayed there completely calm with them and I did not feel fear at all. Even wolves were running around and I didn’t leave. As if I had lost my instinct for self-preservation. And my phobia of driving car has disappeared. I overcame a difficult car accident and since then I have been behind the steering wheel stressed and this has disappeared while driving back home. I was finally relaxed behind the steering wheel after a long time. Please, can you recommend a rapé that would be suitable for me? I don’t know much about it, I got to it completely by accident recently and it is not yet clear to me how it works for me. Thank you very much.

Hello, Ivana,

You write a beautiful experience. Don’t worry, everything is fine. Some just spit on the rapé, someone doesn’t spit. Some people have their eyes popped out of their sockets, some people do nothing with their eyes, others tear a lot. And also every time with rapé, it’s completely different, isn’t it? Did you ever give it again? I’m just summarizing the effects that one dose had on you, at least from what you write:

  • I just kind of immersed myself in the surrounding nature, I didn’t worry to stay outside even after dark, when wild boars and wild animals crawl around me. I stayed there completely calm with them and I did not feel fear at all. Even wolves there running around and I didn’t leave. As if I had lost the instinct of self-preservation.
  • And the phobia of driving a car has disappeared. I overcame a difficult car accident and since then I have been stressed behind the steering wheel and this has disappeared while driving back home. I was finally relaxed behind the steering wheel after a long time.

Rapé, and other natural medicines, work by gradually revealing layer by layer, each blow as if to reveal one hidden layer of fear and transforming it in the body, enlightening it. It always intervenes what needs to be addressed from the most acute at the moment. If you used to have a strong phobia of the forest and driving a car, then this layer, this blocked energy, was removed by the rapé. Congratulations

The fact that Lukas and I spit or sputtered in the video, for example, does not mean that you have to do it the same way. Do what you feel, follow your intuition, it guides you brilliantly.

Which rapés can be combined with each other?

Hi, I would like to ask how or what kinds of rapé can be combined with each other.I mean to use one and in 10 minutesanother one, is it possible?Thanks Lucy

Hi Lucy, we haven’t found a less suitable combination of rapé yet. We all have an innate wisdom, an intuition that guides us, which rapé we just “need”, and sometimes it is possible that it leads us to have the urge, the need, to have a rapé again soon and then maybe nothing for a longer time.

It’s alright. Listen to yourself and your wise inner leadership, it can’t go wrong.

Rapé cleanses the body through phlegms, is it alright?

Hi, I’ve been using rapé ritually for about a week which I bought in your eshop but it happens to me that it cleanses my body through the phlegms, and quite stronglybut only in the last two days. There are almost no dairy products in my menu. Do you have similar experiences with it ?? Will it stop?I’m quite uncomfortable with that.I’ve never suffered from anything like that.I just need the insight and experience of another recipient Thanks.Have a nice day, Martina

Hi Martina, I appreciate your sharing, thank you. In general, in the experience with Medicines, it is so that we all are very different, with different degrees of compatibility with a given Medicine, with different sensitivity, perceptibility and tolerance to active substances or plant energy in general; located in a certain current state caused by the disease, injury, imbalance to which we apply it, all supported by a practiced attitude of use (respect, prayer, ritual, intention +) + we have different levels of experience, deposits in the body that need to be cleaned, etc. etc. There are an enormous number of factors.

Together, this creates a comprehensive mechanism where the living intelligence of Medicine communicates with the living intelligence of your body and consciousness, so it is not possible to make general recommendations. Only one thing: to slowly get acquainted with the given Medicine and its operation.

I don’t know what specific issue you are applying Rapé to, or with what intent, but you are writing ritually and that’s great. It is about tuning in to the internal dialogue that takes place between Rapé and your body – the heart / intuition, which will tell you exactly how often and with what approach to use Medicine and what is going on in the process and what is its significance.

Martina, how do you feel (mentally) overall that day and the next day after the application? How does your condition or the issue you are applying to improve overall? That is authoritative. If it clearly helps you, “only” it has just such a strong reaction, then you probably need so much healing in your life. Then it is up to you whether to either keep this process e.g. to experience it on the weekend and in depth, or to accept it with the fact that you also work and perform normal activities. Such a complex psychological and psychosomatic process can be. And maybe you’re focusing on the physical effects while Rapé works more with your Spirit. After all, it’s always a tied together body-spirit. One process is portrayed in the somatically and psychically differently, but in the root, in the cause it is one awareness leading to a return to balance = health. And of course it’s a process and it takes time. Apparently you have entered the treatment process and you are in the process of it and it is possible to make conclusions soon. There would certainly be no such reaction if it were nothing. Something is clearly leaving and that is a great sign, it is leading to relief and to the improvement of everything. It may be an old deposit, not necessarily related to what you are currently consuming. That’s how Rapé and Medicines work, they only help, teach and those who are ready for it, that’s why Rapé got to you. Rapé came across something and shows it, washes it away, readjust it.

Otherwise, as you describe it, I feel the maximum authenticity, curiosity and attention to the whole process, by giving / giving so much space to it, you are miraculously open!

On the other hand, you don’t have to do anything, remember that you are free to make decisions throughout the process and you can change anything, even (temporarily or completely) stop. It is also not necessary to understand things by force, the way may be to let it go and accept it in your heart. There are many possibilities, feel the right one by yourself. Be tender to yourself and make love – whether it means stepping away from it, or going into it to the fullest and pushing – let it be an act of Self-Love.

The first message that any true medicine will give you, if a person listens with the heart, is that the main, ultimately effective Medicine, is You…

Personally me or my colleague Chrisantem, we already have some experience with rapé and we have experienced a lot of diversity on it. Also phlegms, but I do not remember that they would last more days. If so, it was due to cold or rhinitis. Rapé is a tool like everything, and it doesn’t always work on everything, just because I wish (even from the heart).

Take care!

Thank you very much for the answer, which was “tailor-made for me” and I definitely do not feel overlooked and “unchecked”. I completely agree.Before each ritual with rapé, I determine my exact intentions and herbs are just another helper in my way forward.I guess I just needed to hear exactly what came to me from you. Thanks again. Martina

What can rapé be compared to?

Good evening, I would like to ask you if there is rapé after which one would feel euphoric and well-being? I would also like to ask how long rapé works and whether the feelings can be compared to the feelings on THC or on LSD or if it is something completely different. Thank you for answer.Regards, Mark

Hi Mark, Rapé is a little different in nature than any other substance you write about. The basic ingredient is natural Mapacho tobacco, where there is about 20 times more nicotine than cigarettes. Nicotine itself is not harmful, but it all depends on the form, method of use and other amounts. When a person use rapé, he experiences something like a “little death”, such as an orgasm after a nice love with a woman, like shooting a revolver directly at my head, like to be ready for the worst, a fast current would come, and then “do God’s will” “Tears well up, feelings of an unpleasant nature can form in my stomach, my head can spin like a carousel. All this without visual hallucinations, but rather emotionally, tangibly, within yourself.

Like when you get on a carousel and then get out and it takes a while to get used to the fact that your body doesn’t spin…

And after which rapé is the feeling of euphoria and well-being? It can be after each, and it can be without it. Rapé is just one of the tools, crutches, with which we remember that we can be happy just like that, for no reason… The head connects more with the rest of the body, with the wise Heart Being that we have in us… Choose what you feel is right for you. Without seeing you or at least talking to you in person, I am not able to give you better and more specific advice.

Rapé „trips“ and extracts

Rapé is a powder that can act as a good carrier for taking another natural substance in powder form. Since I have a lot of herbal medicines and extracts at my disposal, I experiment a bit from time to time. I enjoy it and I know a lot of other people too…

I can highly recommend a few combinations, it is more suitable for larger experimenters and for more advanced “psychonauts of consciousness ”…

Use for your own (un) safety.

Warning, nothing to exaggerate.The body has a certain capacity, if you drive all the way to debt for a long time, it will manifest sooner or later (often as an illness or a complete collapse of the body).These combinations can serve as a one-time help and relief in an exceptional state, it is not advisable to use them often and regularly.The same it is with rapé.Ask yourself before each use if you really need rapé, if there is no other, even more effective method.

Rapé + kratom extract

I can completely recommend, in the offer of Ladirna we have kratom extract 30x and 50x (they indicate the concentrations of active substances). At least from the beginning, take your usual dose of rapé and a real miniature pinch of kratom extract (approx. 0.05-0.1 grams of extract). Stir in the palm of your hand and blow into your nose.

You should feel a fairly clear stream of life energy, it will last calmly even for 3-5 hours quite noticeably. For example, take after a night almost without sleep when you have to work, whether you have to go to work or have anything else. Normally the body is weak, tired, and coffee doesn’t help much, you can’t sleep, what about that? Blow rapé with kratom extract and you will still be able to work for a few hours.

Rapé and Kanna extracts

Use Rapé and add a slight amount (definitely max. 0.05 grams for the first time, you can always add, you can’t take it back anymore) Kanna Krystal Ultimate extract or KannaGizer blend extract. Kanna Krystal Ultimate is noticeably stronger.

Soon (immediately) you should feel an improved mood, what was a problem a while ago seems (at least for a while) ridiculous.

Kanna can help improve mood, reduce anxiety, stress and tension. Its use is very suitable for depression, communication disorders, excessive stress and nervous exhaustion. It was found that Kanna can also affect the concentration of stimulations of the central brain and nervous system. It is suitable for people suffering from burnout syndrome, reduced empathy and other mental problems.

When a “trip” is needed, ie a change of mood through natural medicine or another external substance, I recommend using the substance as natural as possible. Kanna extracts can be a suitable compromise. Some users describe Kanna Krystal Ultimate Extract as a “much purer and better trip than ecstasy.” The triple state on the kanna extract lasts several hours (2-5 depending on the amount). Do not combine with alcohol or other synthetic substances (“light drugs”).

Of course, you can use all these extracts separately, without rapé. You will enjoy the purer essence and effect of the substance. Without rapé, there may be a harder awakening, a “journey” into the “normal reality” of everyday life. If you use rapé together with the extract, you should feel better during the “trip” yourself, your deep wisdom and your own self. Psychedelic substances usually work in such a way that the own self lags behind for a while, automatic programs take over the body.

We are free. We can study similar substances and states of consciousness. When we approach these powerful Medicines with maximum authenticity, like the wise children of the Earth and the Universe, with prudence and pure desire, we can only gain. When we use these substances with the emotions “I have to drug myself”, we beg for a proper beating …

In the offer at Ladirna, we always have several types of mixtures available, as well as kuripe and tépi blowpipes and many other herbs and other products that support life in wholeness and harmony.

Do you want to buy rapé?

Rapé section at Pachamama Herbs

Current offer of quality types of rapé (which are constantly changing)

Personal blowpipes kuripe

Shamanic blowpipes tépi

Do you want to know more?Certainly not everything was said here

Despite the fact that the article is quite long, I certainly could not answer all the questions. Contact us in the comments or by e-mail if you have an interesting question that has not been answered here.


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