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Kambo Stick (Phyllomedusa bicolor) from Peruvian Tikuna Tribe (60-100 prints)

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Kambo is not a plant, but we still decided to include this product in the Herbs section.

This product is made from the secretion of a frog that is usually called “Kambo”, the scientific name of this interresting animal is Phyllomedusa bicolor.

Family: Hylidae
Genus and species: Phyllomedusa bicolor
Country of origin: Peru

Other names (in different languages): Sapo Toad, Vacina do Sapo (toad vaccine), Leite do Sapo (toad milk), Kambô, or Kampú, Secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor tree frog, blue and yellow frog, Giant Monkey frog, Giant Leaf frog. Waxy-Monkey tree frog etc.

Phyllomedusa bicolor

Phyllomedusa bicolor is a friendly and nocturnal tree frog that lives high in the trees of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rainforests. Males can grow to lengths of 91-103 mm, while their female counterparts are slightly larger, 111-119 mm. The back of the frog is dark green and the underbelly is pale yellow white or cream in color. Two large, prominent glands extend behind the eyes. P. bicolor can be found in the Amazon rainforests of northern Bolivia, western and northern Brazil, southeastern Colombia, eastern Peru, southern and eastern Venezuela, and the Guainas.

Kambo stick from the Tikuna tribe from Peru

Our stick has a thick layer of frog venom on one side. That should be enough for 60 to 100 prints. Two wooden sticks for application are included. The poison was collected only in the rainy season, because that’s when the frogs “sing”. The frog poison was collected by the native Indians of the Tikuna tribe from Peru, who guarantee an ethical approach to frogs. The stick contains the secretions of 3 to 5 large frogs, its dimensions are 14 cm in length and 2 cm in width.

Tikuna tribe

Our Kambo is collected by the people of the Tikuna tribe (Ticunas) in Peru. They learned how to collect and provide kambo medicine. They live in the Oje Chico community at the foot of the Yavari River in Loreto. The name of the community comes from the name of a tree from the Moraceae family, which has many uses for the community.

How do they collect Kambo?

Just before sunrise after a rainy night, the Indians go into the jungle in search of Phyllomedusa bicolor frogs. Our native friends know how to recognize frog “singing”. Once they find the frogs, they grab a few and tie them by the legs and gently scratch their backs, stimulating their glands to secrete venom. It doesn’t hurt the frogs that much, it’s more like tickling them. Frogs have no natural predators and therefore are not afraid of humans.

The frog poison is then collected on a small stick from the Mulateiro tree and left to dry. Once the poison is collected, the frog is carefully untied and released. Once the poison has dried on the stick, it is carefully packaged where it is protected until it is used.

The Tikuna people are very aware that it is not good to harm the frogs, they believe that if the frog gets hurt, the medicine would not be good. Not all groups or tribes share this belief.

Although only the older tribes practice kambo, everyone in the community can help find and catch frogs. Producing kambo medicine allowed indigenous tribes to have income from traditional activities. At the same time, we are working to ensure that it has an impact not only on the preservation of the species, but also on the preservation of their habitat.


Kambo has been found to contain various peptides that have been proven to boost the immune system. Peptide-rich venom also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that kill viruses and pathogens in the body.


2 sticks, frog venom for 60-100 prints

Dimensions: 14 x 2 CM

Warning: Kambo medicine is not be taken lightly. Certain risks can be involved.

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