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Moringa Oil (Moringa oleifera), Bottle with Pipette, 100 ml

 22.00 incl. VAT

  • Lightens pigment spots
  • Nourishing to the skin of the body and skin
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Healing effects on the skin

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Moringa is a tree that grows in the equatorial and tropical regions. Moringa oil is obtained by pressing its seeds, it is a versatile product useful for the care of our health and beauty! Moringa oil is a nutritional bomb, it is rich in protein, but also in minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids and omega 3,6 and 9. It is a powerful natural remedy can help with many health problems. Thanks to its nutrients, it helps to bring elasticity and softness to the skin, which is why moringa oil is found in many recipes for creams, shower gels, soaps and body butters.

It has an antioxidant effect and reduces the effects of free radicals. It has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect and heals various skin injuries, including insect bites. It is ideal for dry as well as acne-prone skin, as well as for the treatment of pigment spots. It is a proven anti-wrinkle product on the face, around the eyes and neck. It restores the vitality, elasticity and firmness of the skin and brightens the skin beautifully.


It has a beneficial effect on the skin. The skin is softer, more supple, but above all more compact. Moringa oil has surprising antioxidant properties that make it particularly suitable for inhibiting premature skin aging and wrinkles. Applying this miraculous oil to the skin will help with microcirculation of the skin and thanks to that it is well revitalized and free of itching and dandruff. Softens and hydrates the skin, lightens pigment spots, anti-aging skin, wrinkles, sagging, spots, acne, problematic skin, cleansing and antibacterial effects, soothes irritated skin, eczema, dry skin, anti-scar smoothes, softens, supports the production of collagen fibers vit.

Strengthens hair. Furthermore, thanks to the richness of nutrients, it plays an important role in correcting the healthy structure of hair. Reducing vitamin intake leads to dull, dry, brittle hair that tends to break and fall out. Thanks to the high content of vitamin E, Moringa oil is an excellent means of combating hair loss, at the same time making hair clearer and thicker, protecting it from external influences, from free radicals.

Other effects: Nourishes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega 3,6,9


Directly on the skin: Apply the oil to damp skin and let it dry, use in the morning and evening.

Adding to shampoo: You can use it by mixing 3 to 4 drops of shampoo oil, preferably neutral, natural

For hair: Or you can also use the oil in the form of a hair mask to improve the structure of the hair, mix the cream with a few drops of oil and apply as a nourishing hair mask.



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