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Rapé Kaxinawa Canela de Velho, bottle 5 G

 16.50 incl. VAT

We are grateful to offer you a pleasant grounding rapé Canela de Velho from the Brazilian tribe Arara.


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We are very happy to offer you a pleasant, grounding rapé Canela de Velho. Rapé Canela de Velho made by the Brazilian Indians of the Kaxinawá tribe was sent to us by our friend Rafa, who lives on the outskirts of São Paulo and often travels to the Indians, supporting them in their traditional work.

Rapé Canela de Velho is a quality rapé made by the Kaxinawá tribe in Brazil. Ash from the Canela de Velho bush is added to strong Mapacho tobacco (Nicotiana rustica).

It intensely affects the three centers of our body: mental, emotional and physical. Rapé Canela de Velho is one of the strongest rapé varieties we have on offer. It is very deep, brings great grounding and is very intense; sometimes even “absorbing”. It performs a deep physical and energetic cleansing, it is more suitable for more advanced rapé users.

Canela de Velho (Miconia albicans)

Canela de Velho is a tree with white hard wood or a larger shrub (large usually from 0.7 to 3 m). Canela de Velho (bot. Miconia albicans) from the Melastomataceae family is used in traditional Amazonian medicine for a wide range of chronic pains in the knees, spine and joints. The aerial parts of the plant (leaves) can be taken in the form of tea and the bark is used to prepare rapé.

Active substances: flavonoids and triterpenic compounds (oleanolic acid and ursolic acid).

Canela de Velho is also known as quaresmeira-de-flor-branca, it grows commonly in northeastern Brazil. In traditional Amazonian medicine, it is said to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It’s used to help in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain and inflammation, back pain, bursitis, reduction of free radicals, blood purification and tendinitis. It is good for the circulatory system and helps control diabetes by lowering blood sugar. It has many nutrients that act as a digestive tonic, so it can work against stomach and intestinal ailments like diarrhea, gastritis, etc.


bottle with 5 grams of prepared rapé mixture

Country of origin

Brazil, Kaxinawá tribe

The conscious use – ritual

Rapé is a sacred amazonian tool. The native tribes are passing it to us with a following message: “The use of rapé should always be connected with a prayer or the ritual. It should be given or received with respect and humility. It helps greatly to come up with a clear intention.  The effects and the realization of the intention tends to get stronger. It is important to keep the purity of the space and heart.”



off, especially for you 🎁

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