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Rapé Blend Huni Kuin CANELEIRO from Brasil, bottle 5 G

 16.50 incl. VAT

New rapé blend since 8-2022!

  • High quality rapé from the Huni Kuin tribe from Brazil
  • Made from strong Mapacho tobacco and the ashes from the Caneleiro tree

In stock

Rapé Caneleiro is a high quality rapé from the Huni Kuin tribe from Brazil. Ashes from dry branches of the Caneleiro tree (Pachyramphus castaneus) are added to strong Mapacho tobacco.

From our experience we would say that this rapé helps people clear old painful memories of the past and focus on the present moment. With a clear intention, it can help release anxiety and bad qualities, provided the person gives his consent. The Spirit of the Caneleiro Plant itself is very calm and deliberate and it is possible to communicate well with it and ask for gentle guidance and inspiration. If you are ready to expand in any area of your life, then this is an excellent rapé for you.

This rapé may have a more gradual onset. You will first feel the vibrations in your fingers, and waves of energy gradually pass through your entire body. The accumulated energy is released in the area of the heart chakra. If a larger amount is taken, physiological purging may occur, accompanied by vomiting, but unlike Murici, it is accompanied by increased mucus production and intensive expectoration. This cleans the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Subtle peaceful visions may occur.

As a result, Caneleiro rapé is grounding. Use it if you feel like your head is in the clouds. Rapé also generally helps health, it acts on cell regeneration and the balance of hormones in the body.

Caneleiro (Cenostigma macrophyllum)

The Caneleiro Cenostigma macrophyllum tree is classified in the bean family (Fabaceae), it has a height of around 10-20 meters. It is also known as Maraximbé or Fava do Campo. Caneleiro trees are most noticeable when they are in bloom, you can best recognize them all over Brazil from September to December and from February to June. The flowers are yellow in color and resemble orchids. Flowering Canaleiro trees attract a large number of insects.

Caneleiro in traditional Amazonian medicine

Caneleiro is a plant often used in traditional Amazonian medicine to make tea for joint pain. This healing power also transits into Canaleiro rapé. This blend has traditionally helped people with arthritis and other joint pain because it balances energy and leaves room for expansion.



glass bottle with 5 grams of prepared rapé mixture

Country of origin

Brazil, Huni Kuin tribe

The conscious use – ritual

Rapé is a sacred amazonian tool. The native tribes are passing it to us with a following message: “The use of rapé should always be connected with a prayer or the ritual. It should be given or received with respect and humility. It helps greatly to come up with a clear intention.  The effects and the realization of the intention tends to get stronger. It is important to keep the purity of the space and heart.”



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