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Henat Wake Up capsules, 20 pcs

 11.50 incl. VAT

Food supplement with 140 mg caffeine and 140 mg vitamin C

Useful wherever we don’t have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee

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Wake up caps

Caffeine with vitamin C forms a logical and functional combination of a natural accelerator of the energy metabolism. These two substances support each other and, thanks to the current effect on receptors, induce vigilance, increased concentration and improve concentration.


• helps to improve concentration
• Increases endurance and performance
• Reduces the perception of fatigue
• Contains a reference value of daily intake of vitamin C
• Supports immunity and antioxidant activity. Vitamin C is essential for the development and growth of bones, teeth and cartilage and support of blood vessel strengthening.

The amount of caffeine in one capsule is equivalent to one cup of high quality coffee. It can help improve concentration and promote fatigue reduction together with increasing the capacity of endurance performance.

Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue, has antioxidant properties, contributes to hormone formation, lowers cholesterol levels, is essential for muscles, bones, blood vessels and skin. It also supports a better immune system function.

The combination of these two components has a positive effect on the physically and mentally burdened organism and supports better performance. These positive features are tested in both active sports, physically demanding activities, long -term car management and special activities of the armed forces.

Recommended use
  • We recommend carrying Wake Up in the car, where in terms of safety it is very important to be fully concentrated.
  • It is also popular to use before physical activity, where we recommend 2 capsules for a stronger effect.
  • It is also advisable to use capsules for night work or studying.
  • Wake Up is suitable for healthy people doing a physically demanding work or intense sport.
Recommended dosage:
1 – 2 capsules a day.

Caffeine, vitamin C, organic cane sugar and vegan cellulose capsule.

  • It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.
  • It is not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Teens should not receive more than 100 mg caffeine per day (1 Wake up contains 140 mg caffeine
  • Do not exceed the daily dose of 400 mg of caffeine. Excess this dose can cause dizziness, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure or irritability.
Country of origin:

Czech Republic, company Henat s.r.o.

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