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Guayusa (Illex guayusa) – “Amazonian Supertea”, 30x extract, Paste

 11.80 21.28 incl. VAT

Wayusa extract for using Amazonian tea without boiling water

Wayusa (Latin: Ilex guayusa) is an Amazonian tea, hand-processed, grown sustainably in a very clean mountain jungle environment and without the use of any chemicals by the Ecuadorian Kichua Indians. With us, you only get clean, dried leaves processed by hand.

This product is 30x extract

Wayusa is related to Ilex paraguariensis, known as yerba-maté.

It has similar amounts of caffeine as coffee and twice as many antioxidants as green tea. Its sweet aftertaste combined with a smoky taste is unmistakable. There is nothing like it among teas or other natural beverages.

Drinking wayusa, or broth from its leaves, has been an integral part of everyday life in the jungle for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. This drink awakens the spirit and provides energy for all-day hard work and allows you to stay up all night for hunting or any other of your normal activities.

It greatly supports memory, concentration and awakens vivid dreams – lucid dreaming. It is a state of mind, when a person is aware he is dreaming and after awakening he still remembers the dreams and can then work with them on his way through life.

The beneficial effects of wayusa on health begin in the stomach, which – unlike acid-forming coffee – has a calming effect. The composition of Wayusa, despite the vitalizing effect, lowers blood pressure (thanks to L-theanine) and lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol, detoxifies the body and stabilizes the pH in the body.

Dosage and preparation

The extract is 30 times stronger than typical infusion from leaves, so a 5 gram package is equivalent to an infusion from 150 grams of leaves.

The recommended dosage is therefore 0.05 – 0.06 grams per cup. This means that a 5 gram package of extract should be equivalent to about 100 doses.

It can be used by dissolving it in water or put directly into the mouth.

Dose wisely, especially if you have never tried the extract.


  • caffeine – in a 2dcl cup is the same amount as in cup of gucoffee
  • theobromine – occurs most in chocolate
  • theanine – an amino acid that is also contained in the leaves of the tea tree, by direct action in the brain it induces a state of deep relaxation without a feeling of drowsiness, it has calming effects, increases the activity of alpha waves and thus contributes to increased sleep quality
  • glutamic acid – a non-essential amino acid, involved in fat metabolism, ammonia detoxification and is the most important neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, used in medicine to treat some neurological disorders
  • eucine – a non-essential amino acid. important for transcription, transfer of DNA information to RNA, and repair of muscle tissue and other 13 amino acids
  • vitamins C and D
  • magnesium, zinc, calcium, chromium
  • saponins, antioxidants (2x more than green tea)

Wayusa evokes a pleasant feeling of alertness without the nervousness and tremors that coffee can cause. It is not addictive and does not cause any side effects.


Glass cup with plastic lid

Consistency: very thick black liquid, denser than honey

Country of origin


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