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Wooden Pot Coaster Flower of Life 20 CM

 10.00 incl. VAT

A unique pot coaster made of pine plywood decorated with lasered Flower of Life. A unique decoration made by our friend Zdeněk from Brno.

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The coaster is light, smooth, smells beautifully of rich wood and has many uses. It is suitable only for interior use, it is not treated with any paint for outdoor use. As a natural wooden product, its life is limited. Wood is naturally sensitive to moisture.

Meaning of Flower of Life

The flower of life and the seed of life emanating from it are the basic solids of sacred geometry. It encodes the essence of the Universe – all the principles and laws of our reality. It encodes everything – the mathematical, physical and spiritual laws of the Universe.

These symbols of sacred geometry contain the principles:

  • Integrity, perfection and harmony of the Universe (circle – sphere)
  • Duality of reality (Vesica Piscis) – male and female, positive and negative energy …
  • Trinity of reality – “holy trinity” information, energy, matter – mind, emotions, (2nd day of creation)
  • 5 Platonic bodies – archetypes of energies and elements (tetrahedron – fire, cube – earth, octahedron – air, icosahedron – water, dodecahedron – prana)
  • and much more. If you are interested in penetrating more, free webinars are available for you, where I explain sacred geometry from the beginning

Wherever the Flower of Life is placed, it supports the flow of energy, energetically strengthens, harmonizes and revitalizes the space where it is present.

Suggested uses

  • As a pot coaser (under heated pans and pots)
  • As a decoration
  • And whatever else you can think of


Material: Unpainted pinetree plywood
Shape: Round
Dimensions: 20 centimeter in diameter, 4 millimeter thick

Proper use

Product is sensitive to moisture – keep it away from spills. Do not wash, rather clean it with a moist sponge (or cloth) and let it dry immediately.  Product is not treated with any paint. As a natural wooden product, its life span is limited.


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