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Banisteriopsis Caapi Yellow, whole pieces of liana wood, 100 g

 33.50 131.70 incl. VAT

  • Ayahuasca wood for ceremonies including the wood preparation
  • For ayahuasca crafting
  • For religious altars


We offer whole pieces of wood of the Amazonian liana Banisteriopsis Caapi, variety Yellow.

You can use it as a protective object for the home altar, to make pendants, jewelry and decorations, or in any other way.

The pieces of wood come in different thicknesses and have different weights. The length is around 36 cm. In the photo, the pieces of wood are sorted by weight.

It is also possible to order shorter custom-made pieces, in which case please contact us after sending the order and before payment.

Family: Malpighiaceae
Genus: Banisteriopsis
Species: caapi, inebriens

The wood of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine contains so-called MAO-inhibitors, which are used in traditional medicine to induce cleansing processes in the body and communication with the spiritual world. A drink made from a combination of several herbs is usually called “ayahuasca” (pronounced [ája-waska]), “yage” (pronounced [jache]), “Natem”, or “soul vine” and other names.

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