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Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) – Maeng Da Gold

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Kratom powder with less bitter taste


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa in Latin) is a tropical tree related to the coffee tree, whose leaves are characterized by beneficial effects. It is currently grown as a agricultural plant throughout Southeast Asia – Bali, Malaysia, Borneo and other islands are sources of quality Kratom.

There are 4 species that can be recognized by the color of the main (middle) vein on the leaf: red, green, white and yellow. They are also characterized by different effects.

The leaves of mature trees are harvested and dried. Asians make tea from it, chew the leaves, or drink it mixed in water. In local medicine, it is used in larger doses as a medicine against diarrhea, flu or pain.

In smaller doses, it acts as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. It makes hard work easier and more bearable for peasants and manual laborers.

Golden (yellow) kratom

Golden kratom stands somewhere between red and green kratom in its effects. It relieves pain quite well, but the red one is a bit stronger in this regard. Like green kratom, golden kratom is highly stimulating, making it suitable for either work or relaxation. At work, we will appreciate its combined effect of soothing pain and stress and at the same time gentle encouragement. In particular, it is good at reducing pain in the back, legs and other parts of the body. It is perfectly suited to the kind of work that’s annoying, and here we will appreciate the ability of golden kratom to reduce stress and nervousness. With golden kratom, we will take advantage of the fact that it is not as strong in suppression as red kratom, which can even induce sleep. Gold kratom is also stimulating, and this effect should be comparable to green kratom, which means a moderate stimulation. Like green kratom, it has a positive effect on mood, but compared to green, it is weaker in terms of improving communication skills and the desire to chat or get to know each other.

A big advantage of golden kratom is its longer drying time, which makes it less bitter. We recommend it to those who are bothered by the bitterness of green or white kratom. Some people even like the taste of golden kratom so much that they consider it a substitute for green tea, whose taste they say it resembles.

Kratom Maeng Da Gold in short

  • It relaxes the body and psyche during stress, reduces stress
  • Supports alertness, has a moderately strong stimulating effect
  • It relieves pain, has rather strong analgesic effects
  • It has a slightly euphoric effect
  • Supports appetite

You can easily mix kratom into water or into a cocktail, juice or tea. If you don’t like its bitterness, feel free to sweeten your kratom drink. Lemon juice is also a good way to supress its bitterness. Granulated lemon tea worked best for us.

How much kratom to use at once?

1 – 2 G – very mild effect (suitable for women starting with kratom)
3 – 4 G – noticeable effect (suitable for men who start with kratom, for women, more advanced kratom users)
5 – 6 G – strong effect – (suitable for people with greater tolerance, more advanced kratom users)
6 G and more – very strong effect – (not recommended, after a certain amount the effect does not grow linearly)


Do not combine with alcohol or any medication.



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